Checking Out the Superbowl

Well, first I will start by saying last night was another fun adventure out in Tempe. Margarita Rocks was the choice again and it was pretty packed considering the Counting Crows put on a free show at Tempe Town Lake so I everyone walked to the bars afterward.

Today was an awesome day. The Superbowl is here in Phoenix so we decided to go hang out at the stadium and see what it was like. Its a crazy feeling when you think the whole world is watching something thats taking place a few hundred feet from me. The stadium is definitly weird looking. It sort of looks like a UFO or a tin shed. Plus it is kind of in the middle of nowhere. The place was absolutely packed and there were cars trying to park everywhere.

We though about trying to finagle our way into the game but the tickets were going for $1200 to $2500 which was way more than I was willing to pay to see a game I didn’t even care about.

There was a lot of events happening outside including a carnival, a couple block parties, and a lot of booths giving away promotional stuff. It was pretty cool to see and at least I can say I have sort of been to a Superbowl, at least outside of one.
After we got done at the stadium, we ended up driving back to Scottsdale and going to a huge Superbowl party at the Upperdeck bar. There was tons of people there and they have over 50 tvs on the walls. It was a good time but I really just wanted to get home. I feel that I need a lot more sleep before I am back to normal.

Well, this was probably one of the longest weeks of my life. I had a great time and was still productive at work, and got a lot of other things taken care of. This Tuesday is Fat Tuesday so I might be doing something for that. I am also heading to Las Vegas Friday afternoon so there is just a ton of stuff going on in my life. I was also names an alternate for a golf reality tv show coming up in February so who knows.

Over the next to months were planning on heading out to Hollywood to meet a guy from CBS and see what we can pull. I am still thinking about getting into the Movie Extra/Actor gigs so we will see. I kind of wish I wouldn’t of gotten drunk that one night and missed my 3 audition for Beauty and the Geek…haha.

Check back again as my life continues to spread out in all directions.

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