March 29, 2010

Cigar City Brewing & Whole Foods Market Cask Ale Tasting Event

Cigar City Cask Ale Tasting

This past weekend was the first annual Cigar City Brewing and Whole Foods Market Cask Ale Tasting event. The event featured twelve different beers from a handful of different breweries including Cigar City Brewing, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Peg’s Cantina, and Dunedin Brewery.

I personally tried the Cigar City Brewing Cubano Espresso, which was pretty damn good. I’m a coffee fanatic and drinking a beer with a hint of coffee flavor was the perfect combination for me.

Besides beer tasting, the event also had live music provided by World Wide Zoo. They also had a outdoor grill that served up some food from Whole Foods, though I didn’t try any of it myself.

The great thing about the event was that 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Whole Planet foundation. It always feels nice to give back and help others.

The only downside to the event was the fact that it took place inside. It was super crowded and getting around was pretty much impossible. Then again this is pretty typical for events, especially ones that feature beer.

Photos From the Event

Cask Ale Tasting Festival

Whole Foods Pint Glass

The ale tasting event was a great place to try some different beers and give back to others. Hopefully they will have it again next year (though I hope they move it outdoors).

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