Day 6: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Day 6 is here and I have some news to share from last night. I managed to make it through the night without spending any money and had a great time at the show. Here is how it went:

The Doug Stanhope Show

The show was awesome and one of the best I have seen. It started out with a local comedian that lives here in Tempe. Following him, one of Doug’s completely shitfaced friends took the stage and then it got interesting. The crowd turned on him half way through his skit and there was no way he could of gotten them back on his side.

After listening to that guy get booed for awhile, Doug Stanhope finally came out and the crowd did a complete 180. Doug’s show was awesome and I never stopped laughing. It was definitely explicit which is what made the show so damm funny.

During the show, my girlfriend bought me 2 rum and cokes. I wasn’t going to sit there and make her drink by herself so I gratefully accepted :). Even if I would have bought the drinks, it would of been a lot less than I spend at the bar on other occasions.

Moving Forward

Now that I have made it to Saturday, it’s just a matter of making it through today and tomorrow. I have a feeling today will be pretty easy since I am about to go hiking. I plan on doing a 6 mile hike so that should eat up a good portion of the day. I also plan to not go out tonight which should make it even easier to not spend anything.

Tomorrow is Sunday, a day I usually spend at the bar since I do not get some of my favorite football games on TV here. Luckily, the Cardinals came will be on broadcast TV so I can watch it at home. Hopefully they don’t get their asses handed to them by the Giants.

So wish me luck, this is the last stretch of the experiment to make it 7 days without spending a dime.

9 thoughts on “Day 6: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

  1. kouji

    wow. the idea behind this is actually rather amazing. i don’t think i could ever get through that long a period without spending something. then again, i’ve never considered trying. good luck. :)

  2. Jokers Deck

    Almost there on the 7 days. I hate to break it to you but I don’t think Cards have a chance against the Giant’s the way they are playing. If Warner an Boldin can have a good game they may have a chance.


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