Day 7: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Day 7… phew! I can’t believe I actually made it. It has been a long and tough journey but the end is almost here. I now have less than 24 hours to go until I can call this experiment a success.

Almost Failed Today…

My girlfriend dragged me to the grocery store this morning so she could pick up some eggs and we had to walk past the beer section while there. As it turns out, we only had 1 beer in the fridge and I had two games to watch. I tried to hint to her that we needed beer, but she caught on and told me no. I was really tempted to just spend the 13 bucks so I could watch the game and drink some beer. I figure I’ve already suffered enough. Instead of going to the bar and watching Sunday football, I’m stuck at home watching it on our 13 inch TV with rabbit ears.

Oh well though, at least the Jets kicked some ass. The Cardinals on the other hand…are scaring me a little. Kurt Warner just fumbled it as I am writing this and the Giants just scored another touchdown. Hopefully they can pull it together and turn this game around.

From Here On Out

I have a feeling the last part of this experiment is going to be pretty easy. I plan on spending the rest of the journey watching TV and sitting on my computer. Therefore the urge to spend should be pretty low. However, I already have plans to go out to the bar to celebrate tomorrow night. The main reason being the Packers play on MNF and I do not get ESPN.

Tune in tommorrow for the final conclusion of this experiment. I am going to wrap up everything I have reazlied from not spending and share it with everyone.

5 thoughts on “Day 7: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

  1. BeautyByDesign

    Hey justin! I tried a similiar challenge a little over a year ago. I went 45 Days without spending money on anything other than rent, car note and a small amount I budgeted for food.

    I can’t tell you how sad I was at the end of that 45 days. It wasn’t even about the fact that I spent no money, but the amount of money I managed to SAVE. It was at that point that I realized just how much money I waste on a monthly basis. I was sooo embarassed by it.

    Congrats on your 7 days


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