August 19, 2008

Do You Need A Flickr Pro Account?

I finally took the plunge and reactivated my Flickr Pro account I had one awhile back, but it expired and I was too cheap to renew it. Now that I am getting back into organizing my photos, I decided I really wanted it back because for the small cost of $24.95, I can get a lot more features.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why I Made The Upgrade

1. Space…Lot’s Of Space

The Flickr Pro account offers Unlimited Uploads and Storage. Not only do I take a lot of photos, but I take large ones. I have a Nikon D40 that takes really good pictures but it uses up a lot of space.

With a free Flickr account, it does not let you upload the full-size originals. Not a very good solution if you are hoping to use Flickr as a way of backing up your photos to avoid losing your photos if you experience a computer meltdown (I Have).

2. Unlimited Collections (And Sets)

Keeping photos organized makes it a lot easier to manage them and allows easier browing for your viewers. Therefore, I like to use Collections and Sets to break down the different photos I have uploaded to my account. Now I do not have to worry about running out of collections I can create, so I can come up with new ones for any category I can think of. See what I mean: My Collections

3. Access To Original Files

Like I mentioned in the first reason, the Flickr Pro account offers you the ability to keep your original files, in full size. This is especially important if you have a higher end camera that takes very high resolution photos. Why use such a nice camera, only to have the free Flick account shrink it to a smaller size.? Plus, it is a great way to show off your photography and  keep it safe at the same time.

4. Flickr Stats …And Pretty Graphs

The Flickr Pro account gives you a Google Analytics style dashboard to your Flickr account. It shows the amount of views each of your photos gets, as well as the sources of those viewers.

It is pretty cool to see that people find your photos from search engines. Plus it is a great way to see which photos have become more popular.

5. A Great Mobile Solution

I travel A LOT and plan on doing it even more in the upcoming year. The problem with that is you need a place to keep files safe, but still accessible from anywhere. Keeping them on a hard drive is one way of doing it, but it still does not keep your photos safe if you lose it.

Therefore, I plan on uploading all my pictures as often as I can while traveling. That way, I can keep them all online, and never worry about losing them if something were to happen to my MacBook. Plus, the unlimited space is a great way to avoid running out of hard drive space while on the road.

So There You Have It

Overall, I am very happy with the upgrade. Besides, $24.95 a year isn’t much to keep your photos safe from harm.

Do You Have A Flickr Pro Account? If so, how do you like it?

13 thoughts on “Do You Need A Flickr Pro Account?

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  3. martin cairns

    I have a Flickr account, I cannot backup my Flickr sets as when I do they backup in a miniscule size (less than 100KB). If I purchase Flickr Pro will I be able to retrieve my original photos in the high res size they were loaded in?



  4. Craig Dewick

    I’ve had FLickr pro accounts before, and it seems me approach to content management doesn’t match what Flickr’s femi-nazi pseudo-religious admins think and my accounts have entirely been deleted without any warning, consultation or notification on two previous occasions.

    Up to now I have been resisted the urge to upgrade but with my current account I’ve already hit 200 pics, and I had almost 4000 in my last account that was summarily deleted without warning not too long ago. Most of the pics are of my three key interests – rail transport (my passion and my job!), Saab cars, electronics and computers, along with my family, nature, etc.

    Lucky for me being a train driver for work means my office goes with me (ie. the locomotive cab!), and I live currently in a rented house with no mains power, very dodgy solar system, and wonderful tank water which has no contaminants at all. I’ll be moving house soon I think (place nearby with mains power but still in a superb rural setting) but I’m glad I have hardly ever worked in a 9 to 5 office job. It’s a real ‘social oppression’ setting to be stuck in that type of work environment – IMHO at least!



  5. Dan

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for ‘reasons to upgrade’ for more than a year! The Flickr website assumes that everyone knows’ everything about their service and doesn’t even make it EASY to actually find the Upgrade to the Pro link!

  6. Saayon

    Can anyone tell me if having a pro account has any connection to getting selected into the more “select” clubs like flickr explore or generally getting more noticed?


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