October 14, 2008

The Doe Mountain Trail

Taking in the View

This past week I did another hike up in Sedona known as the Doe Mountain Trail (#60). It is right across the street from the Bear Mountain Trail which I previously did awhile back. As you can see from the picture above, it offers some awesome views of the red rocks around Sedona.

The Hike to the Top

The Doe Mountain Trail is only a 0.7 mile journey to the top of the mesa, but it is definitely worth doing. It gets a little steep near the top, but it is well traveled so it is really easy to follow the trail. Along the way, you start to lose focus of how fast you are climbing and before you know it you turn around to see Bear Mountain. Check out this picture from half way up Doe Mountain:

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain is much taller than Doe Mountain, which is what makes that hike so much more difficult than this one.

View From the Top

At the top of the 400 ft. mesa, you can see in all directions. I was really surprised how it is perfectly flat at the top. Once you are on top of the mountain, you can walk around to see the views on each side. There are a lot of trails that have been made from people walking along the surface so it it really easy to make your way around. Plan on walking another mile or so if you really want to cover the whole surface and look around.

Here is a picture looking Southeast towards the city of Sedona:

Awesome View of Sedona

Another Awesome Hike

Doe Mountain was a very cool place to hike. It is a pretty easy and would make a great first hike if you are just starting out.

It is also great place to picnic, so I encourage anyone that tries this hike to pack some food for the trip. There are a lot of rocks along the edge where you can sit down and enjoy the weather and views.

13 thoughts on “The Doe Mountain Trail

  1. Justin Post author

    @ Dwayne Yeah I know the feeling. I have two days of work left this week and I am sick and have 0 motivation to actually do anything. It’s just a matter of sitting here pretending to be busy on my last two days…

  2. Justin Post author

    @ Ace Yeah the cold front definitely cooled things down here. It was actually perfect weather for hiking. No sweating for the first time since….May??

  3. Armen Shirvanian

    This mountain trail is quite appealing, although it is quite a ways from regular city area. It would seem like it takes a bit of time to get there, but that it would be worth it for a healthy individual.

  4. PaulsHealthBlog

    Wow. That is a great picture.

    A few years ago, my wife and I traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona.

    While there, we took in Sedona too.

    We used some of the pictures from that trip on our family website, TheEilersFamily.com.

    And yeah, heights make me nervous! My wife laughed and made fun of me the entire time!

  5. Sam@Army

    @Unbalanced Libra

    My gosh, you are not alone. I am also afraid of heights! I joined hiking adventure in the past but my friends and i never had a chance to explore the mountain top. That’s a big challenge to me. I always wanted to overcome my fear.

    Nice pics Justin. Whoa! Looking at the pics, I can really feel your excitement.


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