February 23, 2011

The Dog Mountain Trail

Distance: 7 Miles
Elevation Gain: 2,800 Feet

I’ve been really anxious to get out and hike now that we live near mountains so we tried out the Dog Mountain trail. It’s located in Washington within the Columbia River Gorge. The total distance up and down is just over 7 miles and has an elevation gain of 2800 feet. It’s a really good workout and well worth the climb.

The top of the mountain is covered in snow right now but we were able to make it to the top without any issues (though it was a tad slippery in spots).

Here’s some photos from the hike:

The first view heading up the mountain.

Our dog enjoyed the hike as much as we did.

The snow starts towards the top of the mountain.

View from the summit of Dog Mountain.

A great view of Mount St. Helens in the distance.

Overall, it’s a great hike and offers some amazing views. We plan on going back in the spring when the wild flowers are in full bloom.

You can check out more of the photos in the Dog Mountain photo gallery.

3 thoughts on “The Dog Mountain Trail

  1. Erica

    Beautiful landscapes- Reminds me of how much I like hiking (haven’t done a hike for quite a long time now). How great to live near mountains!


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