June 1, 2011

Elk Mountain and King’s Mountain

I knocked another hike off this year’s to do list! The hike was the Elk and King’s Mountain loop in the Oregon Coast Range. Here’s a quick summary of the hike along with some photos.

Distance: 11 Miles
Elevation Gain: 3,700 Feet

This loop is rated as very difficult, so I was expecting it to be fairly steep and rugged. Turns out that’s exactly what this hike is like. Right off the bat, the climb to Elk Mountain was very steep. It reminded me a lot of Mt Defiance only the climb to the summit is shorter (and half the elevation).

Here’s a quick picture of the summit sign, which is no longer stuck in the ground:

Elk Mountain Summit

Once you hit Elk Mountain, you then have to follow the ridge over to the top of King’s Mountain. This was by far the most rugged part of the hike. The trail is actually an old logging road in some sections. Along the road is the only part I hit any snow.

There was a rope in one section which made coming down a tad easier but it was actually harder further down where the rope ended.

Here’s a couple photos I took along the ridge:

View Looking South.

Section of trail with a drop off on both sides.

After what seemed like forever, I finally hit the King’s Mountain Summit. Here’s what I found at the top:

Summit Sign and Log on King's Mountain

View from King's Mountain Summit

From there, it was a very steep drop down to the campground (and the car). For the most part, I jogged down the hill since it was actually easier than trying to walk at a slower pace. It always amazes me how much faster it is coming down a mountain than going up.

Overall, this was a great hike and one of my favorites so far. Next up…Table Mountain?

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