March 12, 2008

Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

Facebook is mad at me, or so it seems. I think they want me to take a timeout…

It seems that Facebook likes to put limitations on certain things. Earlier this week, I was accepting a few friend requests and requested a few friends when I received the “strike 1” red alert message. It basically said “Stop! You are making friends too quickly!.” And then it rambled on about how I would get disabled for a few days if I kept going.

I suppose this started happening since I created this blog and have been meeting a lot of new people from around the world. I get a few friend requests everyday but nothing I would consider “too much.”

So this got me to thinking, why would a social network as big as Facebook have to apply such limitations. I mean, isn’t the point of a networking site to meet new people, regardless if you have actually met them in person? I have a lot of friends that I have never met in person but still talk to them often, does this mean they are not an actual friend? I think not.

I decided to do some research and see what I could bring up about these Facebook limitations that no one seems to actually know about until they get a warning.

I managed to find a ton of people complaining about the same types of messages. I even found a great article, “13 Reasons Your Facebook Account Will Be Disabled,” which talks about the common reasons peoples accounts get disabled.

Now some of these reasons I can agree with. For example, I can see why not using your real name might cause some suspician and get you banned from Facebook. But adding to many friends and poking too many people? Come on!

It turns out, they even have a friend limit of 5,000 people on Facebook. Once you hit the magic number of 5,000, people will recieve the “So and So already has too many friends” message when trying to add you.

The creators over at Myspace have set no limitations on things like friends, messages being sent, or how many people you can send things to. I think this is the way a social networking site should be. Why limit anyone from getting what they want out of a networking site?

So I am interested to see if this happens to a lot of other people. If it has already happened to you, please drop me a comment and let me know how it went.

406 thoughts on “Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

  1. Rachel

    I am beginning to hate facebook, I may just end up shutting it down totally. It was fun for while, but they keep suspending me for asking friends who I don’t know, which Facebook do not have a right to. I do know lot of friends in my life times. Then it turn out my account got hacked. I had to get in and reset my passwords, but the problems doesn’t stop there. I can’t find my profile in search browser on facebook, even I change the setting. It said expire link. So the only way I can see one of my profile is to reset my passwords every single times. It should not be this diffcult to get into my account sheesh.

  2. Jackie

    Wow! This is really sad. I’ve heard of this but thought it was too funny. People getting kicked out because of “too many friends.” seriously you guys must be out of your minds. The solution is easy. Facebook is saying you really don’t have so many friends so quit whinning and delete the people that don’t matter and aren’t even your friends to begin with and stop trying to be friends with everyone. You know it’s only for gossip. I don’t accept friend requests of people I know and I def do not request people if I don’t know them well. Shit! Solution solved!! Start using your delete button! I’m sure half these people u request don’t even want to be you friend on fb but they accet u bc they feel bad. You guys must be those crazy and annoying People who update their status 10 times a day. Get a life and stay in touh with your real friends.

    1. Bob

      @ Jackie – Let’s see if I got this right “I don’t accept friend requests of people I know and I def do not request people if I don’t know them well”. Do you KNOW what the definition of the word “SOCIAL ” in Social Networking site means. . . . . . . Too MEET and BE WITH others. Are we supposed to read your whining rebut to these people and go “Oh yeah, you’re soooooo right, just because YOU don’t accept FR?? WTF are you even on there for?? If the only friends you talk to on there are ones you “know so well” go vist them!! Who gives a shit if you only know 2 people or 2000 of them??!! I suppose you think these people with 3000, 4000, 5000 + friends know them all?? They’re probably just nice people who are flattered that whoever sent them a FR did, period. . . . . it’s not some big mental decision whether I know them or not, or whether I like them, or what their hair looks and whatever other BS you waste time thinking about in order to “accept” them as friends. Maybe they just like meeting people. If you’re too fucking lazy to hit the “DECLINE” button on a FR then get off the site.

  3. Asif

    I too dislike facebook’s days increasing pattern of punishment, makes me want to quit fb so badly. They should just reduce the maximum penalty to 7 days no add request at best, and/or give the other party option to block add request sender if they do not wish to be friends with the person for whatever reason.

  4. Andrew

    It says I got banned from using the like button too much. The ban is for 30 days and they say I might lose my account if I do it again. How many likes can I do in a day? Facebook is not writing me back.

    1. concerned

      Facebook never writes back to account holders except:

      1.) to tell the account holder who contacted them to read their onsite help forums.
      2.) when they make allegations of potential account holder wrong doing.

      For a website so proud of how “openly communicative” they are with all members, it is interesting and troublesome how they refuse to do so via email, especially considering when they point out how large their staff is and that they strive to deliver excellent service to all members

  5. H&M

    FB is seriously flawed.

    First off, fb is also a gaming platform to game devs/publishers!!

    So, the one thing most have in common? Is that in order to add friends to game from the games own forums and or on their FB app page is to type:-
    “Add Me” ? Along with a link to your fb account.

    Now, from my understanding you are not allowed to add people you don’t know …. so why the h3ll allow devs/publishers to link “add mes” back to fb forums for fck sake.

    I got a 14 day temp ban for adding friends…. why the h3ll did that happen, because on fat cow who posted on cityville with the words “Add me, daily player level 77” so I did reported me, because she didn’t know me. Her post was with thousands of other people posting add me on fb cityvill app page.
    STFU …FB

  6. Krista

    I suspect it is because there is so much scamming on facebook because people continually accept friend requests from random people. Furthermore, if a person posts something that seriously offends someone (because there are thousands of people you do not know whatsoever on your page) guess who is going to get all the complaints? Or seeing as how you do not know the character of 4800+ people on your friends list, there are people you do NOT want in contact with you or your actual friends. How many people may make vicious remarks back that then get reported? Facebook isn’t going to say,”Well, we don’t want to ruin it for everyone so we’ll just stay out of it.” It is facebook’s responsibility to monitor their site and they are accountable for certain consequences due to not monitoring and controlling certain activities. Having thousands of friends, apparently, can and does greatly increase potential problems. They have to watch their own ass, especially when it comes to illegal activity under the pretense of “friend requests.” There is a reason facebook is doing this. It doesn’t matter if you personally haven’t had a problem with it. It isn’t about one individual’s experience being “good.” It has to do with the onslaught of BS they have to contend with every day – all over the world.

    1. fox

      I just found out the real reason and of course it’s over greed and money . We run a small business . So the easiest way to get people to your Facebook business page is to send a friend request and then invite them to like the page , otherwise the only way is to beg your friends to share your page and hope their friends like and share which really never happens OR you pay Facebook to boost and promote your fb page which really doesn’t help to much either . Fb is preventing you from adding the friends especially when it’s quick to keep you from free advertising

  7. Shelley Morrow

    I have been temporarily blocked from using certain features such as the “Like” button and comments on facebook for 30 days. I am just wondering if after the 30 days will they lift it? If not I may just close my account. Anyone have an answer?

    1. trish

      they do unblock after 30 days but it sucks that they block us
      especially if you just want to send message if u want some imformation cheers trish

  8. Bev

    Facebook removed my big photo the one that goes across the top of my wall or main page even though it is a photo I took myself with my camera. I then put up a different picture I took myself and they removed that one too. One was a window decorated for christmas and the other in inside my house of my Christmas decorations. This happened because I didn’t know a friend was mad at me for not siding with someone else’s grudge against yet another person. So, I posted her picture she sent me awhile back of her cute dog (but NOT on my wall where the big picture goes) and she reported that I used a picture she took without permission. I don’t know why but fb thinks she meant the one on my wall so now my wall is plain white and no use in trying to put anything back on there again. I couldn’t find a way to contact fb so I have gotten their address and have hand written them a letter

    1. Bev

      I made a few typos in the above, CORRECTION; I didn’t post my friend’s dog’s picture BECAUSE she reported me, I posted her dog’s picture first and THEN she reported me. I posted her dog’s picture on a fb group both of us are members of.

  9. Todd Mitchell

    Someone please tell me what happens if after you get a warning and are blocked for 30 days, what comes after that? Another 30 day ban or will they remove your account eventually?


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