March 12, 2008

Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

Facebook is mad at me, or so it seems. I think they want me to take a timeout…

It seems that Facebook likes to put limitations on certain things. Earlier this week, I was accepting a few friend requests and requested a few friends when I received the “strike 1” red alert message. It basically said “Stop! You are making friends too quickly!.” And then it rambled on about how I would get disabled for a few days if I kept going.

I suppose this started happening since I created this blog and have been meeting a lot of new people from around the world. I get a few friend requests everyday but nothing I would consider “too much.”

So this got me to thinking, why would a social network as big as Facebook have to apply such limitations. I mean, isn’t the point of a networking site to meet new people, regardless if you have actually met them in person? I have a lot of friends that I have never met in person but still talk to them often, does this mean they are not an actual friend? I think not.

I decided to do some research and see what I could bring up about these Facebook limitations that no one seems to actually know about until they get a warning.

I managed to find a ton of people complaining about the same types of messages. I even found a great article, “13 Reasons Your Facebook Account Will Be Disabled,” which talks about the common reasons peoples accounts get disabled.

Now some of these reasons I can agree with. For example, I can see why not using your real name might cause some suspician and get you banned from Facebook. But adding to many friends and poking too many people? Come on!

It turns out, they even have a friend limit of 5,000 people on Facebook. Once you hit the magic number of 5,000, people will recieve the “So and So already has too many friends” message when trying to add you.

The creators over at Myspace have set no limitations on things like friends, messages being sent, or how many people you can send things to. I think this is the way a social networking site should be. Why limit anyone from getting what they want out of a networking site?

So I am interested to see if this happens to a lot of other people. If it has already happened to you, please drop me a comment and let me know how it went.

406 thoughts on “Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

  1. Teresa

    i was deleted for that exact reason.. Facebook is totally lame for doing that.. I mean totally totally lame. I hope something better comes along and wipes him out of business.

  2. Sheldon

    I can’t believe so many people are on your side of this argument, so I though I’d put in the opposing pov.

    Having a reasonable limit of friends ensures that Facebook is used responsibly. Facebook and MySpace have one key difference: Real people use Facebook for real life, MySpace not so much. As such, Facebook has set a limit on the reasonable amount of friends that one person could possibly have or make in one day. Actually, they have put the limit really high compared to the human capacity to know people on an intimate ‘friend’ level.

  3. Asif khan

    Because sending requests to strangers is considered spam, your friend requests have been blocked for 4 days. Please visit the help center to learn more or let us know if you believe we’ve made a mistake.

  4. Rosh

    Hey thanks for your blog man!
    I have got a awesome business where FB’s a great to stay connected, I have about 300+ people come through my event and want to befriend them as they RSVP to my event…. but what I want to know….

    How many people can i befriend before they are going to disable me?

    Has anyone figured out the rule for ex. you can send this amount # and then wait

    Thanks ~R

  5. sterben

    the same happen 2 me, ey i started to play a mafia wars ” an app game from zynga” by facebook, for this one, i needed a “friends” so, i made post by fan page of that game ” add me for game” so ppl starts to adding me, i was new at fb, so i have accepted everyone i could get , after 300 ppl reach, +- i become an email,” you are disabled” nowydays its about 2 years ago, and they still not unbanned me
    so far i will not get the account back,i wont register me again .. stupid facebook rules, wtfff ;xx

  6. Bob Rimac

    They banned me for 30 days from adding. If you would like to add me, just send a friend request to Bob Rimac. I doubt they would ban me forever – Farmville and all that advertising adds up for them in terms of revenue.

  7. jennlamoore

    LOL, my first day on FB a friend sent me a bunch of friend suggestions……I sent out only about 20 requests and then they wouldn’t let me add or request friends for three days!! Whats the point of social networking if you are restricted to people you ALREADY know?? Then it kept saying are u sure you know this person or something similar to that when I continue to send requests…..yeah, I know all 5000 of my friends, like everyone else on the net! or god forbid a celeb who has millions of followers on twitter, lol… they are telling me I have reached my request limit at like 40 follows on twitter?????? WTF

  8. Carlos

    Yes, the same as me. I am afraid that facebook will limited the numbers of my friends soon. Tks. cheap GUCCI SHOES, SUNGLASSES can be available from my site: Thanks.

  9. hahaman

    yeah, happens to pretty much everyone, i cant even add people from the suggested list, and one of the rules are you cant add random people (so if you dont have any friends in common its imposisible) the thing is, suggested list, is a list of friends of your friends……so wtf???
    i mean i was tryin to add someone from the suggested list, whom ive know since elementary school, and have god knows how many friends in common, and yet, i still cant add, how can you prove it to fb that you know the user if its such a impersonal website in terms of contacting the website, reverse that, how can the useless machine that facebook uses, prove you dont know the user youre tryin to add, its all bunch of bullcrap if anyones would be askin me…which they cant, cuz of fb…..yeah….

  10. BadGuy

    FB has pretty much banned me from making friend requests at this point without the usual warning about how long it will be for. They are also now asking, even when you accept a friend (not just reject), if you know them outside of Facebook. So not sure what their hangup is but lsoing interest in FB very quickly because it has become an ant-social networking site. Now spending much more time on Google+.

  11. nawaf

    I’m going through the same thing, I’ve been blocked from adding too many friends for two days. If someone reported me they extend my “limitation”..

    FaceBook, you don’t make any sense to me at all.

  12. Bonny


    1. Jeebus

      I don’t get how facebook is so popular. Shitty set up, spammy adds, they don’t even have a list for all app games on there.

      Seriously, is there no one out there that can design a better site. Face book is the worse social app out there. Why the hell do so many people like it.

      They must be all zynga fornicators … yeah, seriously, not a fan of FB and their support.

  13. ryan

    the facebook creator also doesn’t have a lot of friend either, that’s why we have to live like him.. like in the movie “The Social Network” .. there is a tag line “you don’t get to 500 millions friend without making a few enemy” .. for who wants to use facebook, must follow his motto 😛

  14. Lizzy

    Yer same thing happen to me i wanted more friends for itgirl i sent out friend requests and now i cant add anyone.

    bloody annoying

  15. David Schoen

    A year ago, I was told I was going too fast. I received 2 warnings. I was disgusted, and stayed away for 1 year. This time, after 1 month, I have been much more moderate in my fiend requests, receiving nearly as many requests as I have been making, but 2 days ago, all the ‘add a friend’ buttons disappeared. I think I have run afoul of an algorithm that feels I have too low a percentage of friend requests granted, even though the actual numbers are very small. I have had fun, made good friends. Something nice. But if I am a marked man, I will never enjoy using FB. I am using other social networks, but there is a qualitative differnce to the experience. More of the kind of people I would like to interact with are still using FB.

  16. Rsacles of Cyber World

    Look what we have.

    A Google
    A Yahoo
    A Microsoft
    now we have
    A Facebook

    Where we start thinking why this happening from that point they actually have started earning buy selling those features on backdoor channels.

    To many people on Forums, Freelancer jobs, and such other places Selling Facebook Accounts with Thousends and Thousends Friends and Fan Pages.

    How this come if a user not able to send more than 20 Add Friend request. Including Known and strangers.

    These all cyber big boys are rascle and facebook is one new lil rascal.

  17. hi ppl

    im start adding ppl and they said i was add to many ppl and also i cant add ppl for 2 days and this is the 2 day and i cant add any body . facebook going to get compainst

  18. Neomysterion

    They just blocked my friend requests for 2 days, especially when I was trying to add someone I know from another forum I’m active on. I don’t add any complete strangers on FB. I’ll get unblocked this Friday or something.

    I’m not really an active Facebook user, so why’d they treat me like a spambot?

    If my account gets banned, I’m switching to Google+.

  19. Raili

    Im leaving like NOW from facebook.
    I have 4886 friends..and tried to like a page. It said i have too many friends.. so I can’t like a pages.
    All my business there :S

  20. Charles1368

    Why would one have to know someone to request a friendship? If an “artist” or person in the same business wished to connect to someone with similar interests, hobbies or careers, what is the harm?

    If the person one is trying to “friend” doesn’t want to accept you, they only have to “deny.” What brainiac came up with this idea??? Hysterical!


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