March 12, 2008

Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

Facebook is mad at me, or so it seems. I think they want me to take a timeout…

It seems that Facebook likes to put limitations on certain things. Earlier this week, I was accepting a few friend requests and requested a few friends when I received the “strike 1” red alert message. It basically said “Stop! You are making friends too quickly!.” And then it rambled on about how I would get disabled for a few days if I kept going.

I suppose this started happening since I created this blog and have been meeting a lot of new people from around the world. I get a few friend requests everyday but nothing I would consider “too much.”

So this got me to thinking, why would a social network as big as Facebook have to apply such limitations. I mean, isn’t the point of a networking site to meet new people, regardless if you have actually met them in person? I have a lot of friends that I have never met in person but still talk to them often, does this mean they are not an actual friend? I think not.

I decided to do some research and see what I could bring up about these Facebook limitations that no one seems to actually know about until they get a warning.

I managed to find a ton of people complaining about the same types of messages. I even found a great article, “13 Reasons Your Facebook Account Will Be Disabled,” which talks about the common reasons peoples accounts get disabled.

Now some of these reasons I can agree with. For example, I can see why not using your real name might cause some suspician and get you banned from Facebook. But adding to many friends and poking too many people? Come on!

It turns out, they even have a friend limit of 5,000 people on Facebook. Once you hit the magic number of 5,000, people will recieve the “So and So already has too many friends” message when trying to add you.

The creators over at Myspace have set no limitations on things like friends, messages being sent, or how many people you can send things to. I think this is the way a social networking site should be. Why limit anyone from getting what they want out of a networking site?

So I am interested to see if this happens to a lot of other people. If it has already happened to you, please drop me a comment and let me know how it went.

406 thoughts on “Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

  1. ele

    I’ve reached the limit of groups and even I’ve already cancelled many of them, I still receive the same message and I can’t subscribe new interesting groups.
    Anyone knows how I can get out of it?

  2. Andy

    This happened to me also but I was not adding friends. I got suggestions to add friends and I was adding them. When I got this warning, I now tell people don’t suggest any friend. Let them go to my page and request friendship.

  3. Paul

    >>I have 4901 friends.. (sunny)
    Sorry mate but I absolutely don’t believe that you have over 4 thousand friends. Maybe you have that number of people you want to sell stuff to, or have common interests with, or are joint members of a fan club, …. or lots of things. but “FRIENDS”, no way. And this facility in FB is to keep in contact with your friends, the clue is in the name. Geddit? If you wanna chat or swap stuff with loads of random strangers, join a chat room.

  4. Terra

    cant send you a friend request says you cant send a frend request to a stranger and it will be blocked for two days thats one resone why i hate facebook but other then that. then trying to send a mesenge it says you messenge will be blocked

  5. Mike

    My wife has gotten dinged for requesting too many friends. She is a new author and blogger and, like you, her world is rapidly increasing. Facebook is not allowing her to keep up with this new increase in friend traffic. They say that this is it is to limit spamming. To be fair there may be some truth in this, but I suspect it is more to allow Facebook to keep their leash on advertising.

    Think about. You get a friend request from someone you don’t remember. What do you do? You check them out on Facebook. If you then remember them, or at least don’t mind them, you accept. If you don’t want them you ignore them. It’s easy! If they become “pesky” them you can report them. The system is self-regulating. Why would Facebook limit the number of friends, friend requests sent or friend requests received? There is no reason except to limit your influence so they can be the “big dog”. My two cents – for whatever it’s worth.

  6. james

    i honestly cant stand facebook anymore its very irritating that you cant add friends like you want too. im not saying push the limit up but at least make it to where you can add up to 5000 without receiving those dumb ass messages saying “do you know this person?” “your account will be banned for 30 days” that shit is stupid! how the fuck is it a social network and we can even add friends im starting not like facebook anymore. we need some else so i got no google + you can add as many friends as you like easily without any interruption!

  7. Renalyn

    I am having the same problem. It seems that I being blocked from adding friends and I got lots of friends requests from people I don’t know every time I login. Is this a virus or not? FB told me to wait for 2 days in this blocking crap! I can’t add my friends and I am a bit mad.

  8. Paul

    For heavens sake, you’re telling me you want more than 5,000 friends !!!! Look up ‘friend’ in a dictionary.

    You’re either just getting off on the numbers (“ooh, you’ve only got 4,500 friends; I’ve got more than you!”), or you’re really collecting a marketing list.

    Start an email group instead.

  9. Ram

    Yeah happened to me as well and it’s really annoying. I deleted my Facebook account about a month back but had to get one again cause I somehow deleted all my email contacts.

    I come back on Facebook, try to add everyone I used to have on it and after about five requests it says I’ve been blocked from sending friend requests or messaging anyone for two days.

    After two days I tried adding people again and this time they’ve blocked me for four days.

    It’s super frustrating. I tried looking for a way to get in contact with an admin team or whatever but there’s nothing on there. No way to contact them I think.

  10. sha

    I just got a facebook warning that said they have been receiving feed back that I have been requesting friends I dnt know and my account will be disabled if I do not cancel them…I only have a hundred and so friends and most people I wanted to know so wow what did I really do wrong or did a bunch of people just report me? i dnt understand how tho, I just added friends of friends.. I was about to delete my whole account

  11. sandy

    I have been suspended for 7 days for supposedly having too many Friend requests…They are saying that I don’t know these people, some of these people I do know, but there are alot that I don’t know and will probably never meet.

    I’m very selective on who my friends are on Facebook, and what is wrong with trying to be someones friend even if you don’t know that person? This is not a dating site for crying out loud, this is just basically a social network, where people can chit-chat about what’s going on in the world or with their life…I have some close friends on Facebook and just Friends, and some I hear from quite often and others I do not…

    But to get suspended for sending out too many Friend requests, is not fair in my opinion!!

    There have been people that have asked me to be their friend, and most of the time I accepted their Friend request, but there have been others, that I have not, but I certainly did run to Facebook and complain!!I just simply decided I didn’t want to have them as a Friend, nothing more…

    Thanks You for your cooperation on this matter–SandyJ

  12. Ale

    I have been banned a few times cause I added many friends in a row – they wrote to read FB conditions and terms carefully, to reset all friends request I had and don t accept new friends for a while or my profile will be blocked!

  13. Bev

    This just happened to me (requesting to friend someone I don’t know)and I have no idea why. I have about 125 friends give or take. Maybe I requested to friend a friend of a fried or a friend of a family member (which I have done on occasion). Maybe someone I sent a friend request to complained somehow? Is there a way they could have done so? I never heard of a rule like that. I had to promise not to do it again and read a written thing. I wish I’d copied it down because I could tell you what it said now. This feels like being called on the carpet at the principals office for breaking a rule you were never told about beforehand.

  14. Bev

    by the way, This happened right after I posted some photos and was posting a description of one of them. I was halfway through the description when I was told to post my password which I did three times but it wasn’t accepted. I had to say I forgot my password (untrue, it was correct) and make up a new one. Then that was when I was bawled out for friending. Maybe my fb account has been hacked or maybe my fb page is haunted by a ghost. ; )

  15. sandy jones

    I just got a 14-day suspension for supposedly sending out too many friend requests…I only sent out 1 and it did not give me an option to send this person a message first…So I sent this person a friend request, as the person was a mutual friend of mine…The other 2-3 persons that I can remember, I sent them a personal message first asking them if it would be okay to send them a friend request, and now I’m being suspended for 14 days…This is definitely unfair!! I just wish there was something that I could do to state my case, but I guess there isn’t!

  16. Muhd Harris Muhammad Hashim

    I am experiencing the same as “i honestly cant stand facebook anymore its very irritating that you cant add friends like you want too. im not saying push the limit up but at least make it to where you can add up to 5000 without receiving those dumb ass messages saying “do you know this person?” “your account will be banned for 30 days” that shit is stupid! how the fuck is it a social network and we can even add friends im starting not like facebook anymore. we need some else so i got no google + you can add as many friends as you like easily without any interruption!”

  17. Alexandria

    I have exactly 260 facebook friends and I feel that is way too many for me. There is absolutely NO WAY that my social life can consist of 260 friends. Do I talk to them all? Do I even know them all? I feel that because of the lack of security that facebook offers one, you should try to limit your friends to the people you TALK TO. Yes, facebook was a place created for people to link to other people, but unless your using it for business purposes or marketing, why would you need 5000 friends. Is your social life so fulfilling that you must add everyone you meet when out. And if your page is for business purposes, then why not start a page? Keep your wall personal. There is no need for the world ( or 5000 people) to know your everyday business.

  18. Abelene Cherry

    Last year I do admit I was adding alot of people I didn’t know and they gave me 5 days. Just about 5 days. I tried just adding a few people and only one I didn’t know, I do know my son-in-law and he has trouble with parent figure,but I don’t know if he turned me in or not, besides that. They gave me 7 days this time, and I do agree this suppose to be the place to meet people. If they give don’t want you to meet people and become friends through Facebook, why do they they advertise, to meet new people? I don’t understand that at all. They counterdict their own words. Thank you for this advertisement. It helps to know somebody like you understands, and been thru it. I do warn alot of people of this so the same thing dom’t happen to them. THANKS AGAIN.

  19. bob

    facebook is a pain, i changed passwords one night and couldnt remember what it was and since i had everything set to private and didnt have a phone number set on my account and i changed email providers they completely have my page blocked off, so i started a new page and now i am trying to bring over my friends from my original page to my new page, facebook sent me a note and said i was blocked for two days from adding friends because they thought i was adding friends that i didnt know, what a pain….. i don’t know about anybody else but i personall do not like having some personal information of mine locked on the internet where i cant get to it

  20. Eli

    it’s been over 14 days and i’m still blocked from adding friends. and last time i didn’t add that many at all.

  21. Leeann

    Ok, so the same thing has happened to me as all these other people….what is the problem with FB…The question is HOW DO WE FIX IT?!!!! Why does FB show you that you have friends in common with someone else if they do not want you to be friends with them?! They will not let me into my page unless I check off to there agreement of not requesting friends..which I do not want to because I feel like I am admitting to inviting ALL these friends which I am not. I do get many requests because I am a regular contributor for a television show in my city…and I do not even confirm to all requests! This really pisses me off. Can anyone help?

  22. Michelle

    I received a warning saying we have received conformation you have been sending friend requests to people you don’t know.only add people from school, family members or colleagues if you keep doing this you may receive a block. I have only been adding people i know from these places and have not sent any requests to anyone I don’ know. this now means i will have the support team monitoring my friend requests sent.

  23. SEVERN

    Yeah i got a warning as well…and now I have a 7 day limit What Nazi’s!!!

    but i sent this if I do not get a response..I feel better glad I didn’t delete my myspace account!!!!

    Ok…. Facebook and Mark Sucker-Berg….F-U about your Number of Freind request Limits…Please do not Put “Friends You May Know” On My page,….Like Duh?!?!?!?!

    1. Jim

      I agree, it doesn’t make sense for facebook to say “Hey, here’s a person you may know!” and then say “Whoaaaah…do you even KNOW this person?”

      However, I did get messages telling me if I sent a message to a “complete stranger”, it would be judged as spam. How does one make friends, then? The real world gets all twisted up when you walk up to someone and say hi, and now the online world, the few places where a floater can find a crew, is catching on. Sad.


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