March 12, 2008

Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

Facebook is mad at me, or so it seems. I think they want me to take a timeout…

It seems that Facebook likes to put limitations on certain things. Earlier this week, I was accepting a few friend requests and requested a few friends when I received the “strike 1” red alert message. It basically said “Stop! You are making friends too quickly!.” And then it rambled on about how I would get disabled for a few days if I kept going.

I suppose this started happening since I created this blog and have been meeting a lot of new people from around the world. I get a few friend requests everyday but nothing I would consider “too much.”

So this got me to thinking, why would a social network as big as Facebook have to apply such limitations. I mean, isn’t the point of a networking site to meet new people, regardless if you have actually met them in person? I have a lot of friends that I have never met in person but still talk to them often, does this mean they are not an actual friend? I think not.

I decided to do some research and see what I could bring up about these Facebook limitations that no one seems to actually know about until they get a warning.

I managed to find a ton of people complaining about the same types of messages. I even found a great article, “13 Reasons Your Facebook Account Will Be Disabled,” which talks about the common reasons peoples accounts get disabled.

Now some of these reasons I can agree with. For example, I can see why not using your real name might cause some suspician and get you banned from Facebook. But adding to many friends and poking too many people? Come on!

It turns out, they even have a friend limit of 5,000 people on Facebook. Once you hit the magic number of 5,000, people will recieve the “So and So already has too many friends” message when trying to add you.

The creators over at Myspace have set no limitations on things like friends, messages being sent, or how many people you can send things to. I think this is the way a social networking site should be. Why limit anyone from getting what they want out of a networking site?

So I am interested to see if this happens to a lot of other people. If it has already happened to you, please drop me a comment and let me know how it went.

406 thoughts on “Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

  1. Mandy

    It just happened to me, what makes me angry is that FB still continue to put people that I may know on the sidebar asking me to consider adding them then when I do they tell me off, that’s crazy

  2. morrigan

    Well to me this isn’t about trying to have more friends than others but I truely have met a lot of new people and have been expanding my network of people. I don’t have that many friends on there so having the ones I have made along the ways is nice. And yes I admit I don’t know them all as of yet but because of my close knit circle a lot of those people come and visit or we go out and visit them and so on. So meeting them on facebook is social networking. So now that I’m starting to branch out I’m on an adding ban now? What the fuck?

  3. Bob

    I got a 2 day suspension about 2 months ago and just got thru with a 4 day suspension yesterday for sending friends requests. I would honestly like to know how the hell Facebook actually thinks it knows who I know or don’t know. They haven’t known me, I never filled out any “list my friends” pages to tell them who I know or don’t know. Don’t even try to tell me that these people with 4000+ friends know them all. And even so how fucking hard is it hit the “decline friend” button if you don’t want them as a friend?? I love getting new friends on my list and whether I ever talk to them again or not who cares, they are my friends. I plan to send friends requests and keep sending them until I run out of people in the world so Facebook you can stick your face and your book up you know where.

  4. Jim

    I started meeting people through social groups on Facebook and YouTube, and just started feeling like I was a human being, and then I get this seven day block because I tried to add too many “strangers”. I’m wondering who the hell blocked me, and why they didn’t have the balls to write back and say “gee, I’m sorry, I don’t know you”.

    I also find the whole “updated” definition of harassment disturbing, that anything unpleasant done once is harassment. I don’t get it, the world is way too guarded (interestingly enough, a girl I had just met and went very carefully with to gain her trust did stand up for me, so I feel sort of better that people agree with me). However, it’s just sad that I put my best intentions on display, and now I’m being shot to pieces online as well? Shoot man, what the heck???

  5. Michael

    This sucks! I got blocked for adding people with whom I “have to less friends” in common!? But come on, how many are “to less”? So I only added friends with more than 50 friends in common – still to less and I got blocked again^^ Nice Network!

  6. Shawn

    I have experienced all of it == I am now on a 7 day “friend” suspension. I also got the “someone complained” nonsense. Who would bother to complain about a friend request that they are not interested in? One click and it goes away –lol.

    The friends that you do know on FB also have friends that you don’t know in real life but you end up interacting with these people online. FB apparently does not you to recognize these online friendships. It is so idiotic.

    You can block anyone at anytime. You can refuse a friend request. It would seem that these protections are really all that are needed.

    I, too, am at the point where I am beginning to think the whole thing is not worth the aggravation.

    1. Todd Mitchell

      So, I am on a 14 day suspension… Which is VERY annoying, and I might use YouTube to reach out to people, but what it the MAX warning or suspension you get>? If I keep getting them, is my account in danger of suspension?

  7. Holly Harringon

    O hate when Facebook says u added to many friends what if u just started Facebook and you know all this people hello u should add them Facebook needs to stop there going to loose all these people on Facebook if they keep this up

  8. Bad Guy

    Facebook has been on a banning rampage lately and will most likley ban themselves into oblivion. They are also losing teens to Twitter that are tired of their parents and relatives friending and watching what they do. The new scrolling updates that you can’t prevent your friends from using also doesn’t help.

    I am now using Google+ which is so much better for making new friends.

    Zuckerberg also knows that Facebook is about to crash as he is ready to take the Company public and cash out as it’s only going down from here.

  9. Rose

    same here. I added a few new people. I am blocked. I tried writing, you just get a stupid standard answer.Ever time I try again it keeps it at 7 days. Why is this happening all of a sudden. I would love to talk to them

  10. Amy Walker

    Yes…four years after your original post…the suspensions are alive and well!! I am currently on a 30 day suspension…after having suffered out a 7 day then a two week one in the last 6 months. I’m about SICK of it. They don’t even give you a way to see all of the requests you have OUT there…in case you think twice about some people and want to cancel. It’s absurd, and abused, but apparently….there is still no solution and FB is NOT listening and has no intentions of changing.

    Am SOOOO ready for the “next big” social network to come along so we can all switch over and DITCH FB….

  11. Araxie

    See, this happened to me just today, and I was baffled. Over and over again I see the media making fun of how facebookers would “friend” thousands of people they hardly even knew, or didn’t know at all. I thought that this was a running joke, that I was in the minority in that I had only 40 or so friends on the site. Turns out it’s the complete opposite. I was totally thrown for a loop.

  12. That One Band

    Ya i just added two people in a row of people you may know, two! And i got banned for 14 days, im always suspended for adding people i personally know from school or just family/friends. I would leave facebook, but nobody has a myspace anymore

  13. marsha schouveller

    I have the same problem with Facebook. It’s like their targeting me for some reason. I’ve had 3 warnings so far, the last one, I can’t add friends for 30 days. What’s up with that. Gosh. I have less then a 100 names, and was trying to add 2-4.names a day, when they gave me that warning. Said I.didn’t know them, their from my home town, for petes sake. Of course I know them. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME, HOW MANY U CAN ADD A DAY, WITHOUT GETTING INTO TROUBLE. I GET NO RESPONSE FROM FACEBOOK. PLEASE HELP ME. THANK YOU.

  14. Wendy Hawth

    I just got the same 30 day ban from adding friends and I have not added a friend in two weeks. Total insanity and I am almost ready to delete the FB account. It is worthless since they forced the timeline set up.

  15. Rockmelon

    I just signed onto FB and received the ‘you cannot ask people you don’t know to be your friends’ message. I was shocked. I haven’t asked ANYONE to be my friend. I only befriend people who ask ME.

    Is this part of blocking Freedom of Speech? FB is ripe for being dumped if something better comes along and I hope that it happens!

  16. Allie

    i agree with some comments published… Facebook is to abnoxious, i always send friend requests to people who i know or my friends friends, and facebook blocked me from sending friend frequest 2 times for a week and now it blocked me for 14 days!!
    Know i bet if there was a pedo out there and a dum child adds him, facebook wont block that child from sending friend requests. ‘-‘


  17. Linda

    I usually log on facebook here and there yesterday I went on my fiance page to post a picture of a baby in the bath tub chilling with a tattoo on the chest but then I decided to take the post off cuz i thought when people see it they might not think it funny. After I have deleted the post I got this warning that I violate their policy and they disable me from posting anything for 24 hour. I think it ridiculous because I have seen a lot of posting from a friend that is inappropriate like half naked girl or talk about orgy something nasty and they don’t get disable for it, I on the other hand post 1 picture and delete it already even before i got the warning and they block me.

  18. Airwalker

    I got a 30 day ban just cus i sent a few people friend requests,and I have been on facebook for a year but so newbies already have 200 friends but because of my ban I don’t even have up too 200 friends.

  19. Nadine

    Well then I better tell my mom’s friend this because at the rate she’s going, she’ll reach the limit in no time. She’s 60 years old or close to it and she adds people of a friend of a friend of a friend sort of thing.

  20. CJ Martes

    Same boat here too, was just notified no friend adds for 14 days. How does Facebook come up with this policy? Is it arbitrary? I do not spam or add anyone that is not a friend of a friend unless its a Facebook recommendation I may click or based on a conversation with someone who mentions another person of common interest.

    So I am to understand that Facebook suggests new friends but can block you if you click to add them?

    This is ridiculous I thought the site was about networking!


  21. Blake

    Just got a warning for sending requests to people I don’t know. I play a game via FB, you need friends / neighbours to get on in the game so its totally normal to ‘meet’ other players in the various groups for the game and add them. I’ve made good friends met via the game, so its really annoying when FB steps in and tells myself and others (various people in my groups for the game have got warnings / bans for the same thing), that we’re doing something wrong.
    If they don’t like people friending people they do not ‘know’ then stop giving everyone a list of people you ‘might’ know because so and so knows them! They should also stop allowing the games that require you to have lots of friends / neighbours!
    Those who play these games prefer to ask people who already play for needed items rather than annoy those who do not play!

  22. Sava

    It’s hypocrisy. Isn’t the point of a social network to meet people? Just decline a request if you aren’t interested. There’s no need to report.

    FakeBook is becoming fascistic. Or maybe it always was….if I get blocked again, I will delete my account. I don’t need FakeBook, but they need me for their marketing data.

  23. tom

    facebook got stuck. i want to make more friend but they tell me that i do not allow to make friend with other that i dont know. i was suspend to add friend for 4 days, and i am going to not adding any friend any more. if have a chance to change to other social network beside facebook then i will with out a piece in mind


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