September 27, 2010

Florida Has A Ton Of Caves

Peace Cave, Withlacoochee

Standing Near the Entrance of Peace Cave

While hiking around in Withlacoochee State Forest, we happen to run into a few “cavemen” who were working on restoring a cave. They told us a bunch of cool stuff about the caves found in Florida and pointed us in the right direction to find some of them.

Unfortunately, at the time we didn’t have any flashlights so we couldn’t do much other than look down and wonder what was down below. So we decided to head back up there with a few flashlights to see what we could find. Here’s a quick video taken from Peace Cave, which is one of the more popular caves found in the forest:

It was hard to see in the caves (even with a flashlight) so the video doesn’t do the cave much justice. Either way it was still fun to climb down and look around inside the caves. Other than a few rodents, we didn’t find much other than an odd smell.

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