July 31, 2009

Gibson Island


One of the coolest things I did while I was back in Wisconsin was check out Gibson Island. It’s a tiny island located down the street from where I grew up on the Cloverleaf Lakes. It used to be privately owned so I was never able to go check it out as a kid since it would have been trespassing.

Luckily, the residents of the Cloverleaf Lakes managed to raise over a million dollars through various sources (donations, fundraisers, etc) to purchase the island in order to protect its natural environment and wildlife. It’s amazing to see a group of people take the initiative to make something like this happen.

The Island Is Now Open To The Public

boardwalkLuckily, the island is now open to the public.. They created a few trails that run through the island as well as wooden boardwalk (see picture to the right) to make the island accessible by wheelchair. Technically, it is connected to the mainland via a small dirt road. However, most people still consider it an island.

You can check out a few pictures of the ribbon cutting ceremony here.

They did an excellent job with the trails and made it very easy to navigate yourself around the island. They even provide walking sticks to those that would prefer to use them. There are also a few benches located throughout the island.

The first thing I noticed when hiking around the island was that it’s much bigger than I though it was. I was used to driving around it in a boat which seems to make it appear smaller.

Here’s a few pictures I snapped while hiking around the island:


View of Pine Lake


Eagle’s in the Area


A Bald Eagle

As you can see, a few Bald Eagles call the island home. It’s a great place to go watch them fly around and grab fish out of the lake.

Great Place To Check Out

Overall, I was really impressed with Gibson Island. I highly recommend checking it out sometime, especially if you live near the Cloverleaf Lakes. For more information on Gibson Island, check out this page.

You can check out my Gibson Island Photo Album for some more photos from the hike.

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