February 26, 2009

Great Urban Race Is Coming To Phoenix!

Horses bewareCreative Commons – photo credit: jrover

Something I have always wanted to do is get on the Amazing Race. It totally fits into the digital nomad lifestyle and I think I would be pretty good at it. Plus I like to solve random riddles whenever I get a chance. Unfortunately, I haven’t landed a spot on the show just yet (come on CBS!).

Luckily there is another option. My girlfriend and I signed up to compete in the Great Urban Race here in Phoenix on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to it.

What Is It?

The Great Urban Race is a huge event that is similiar to Amazing Race only it takes place in one city over the course of one day. The mission is to solve 12 or more clues and be the first team to make it back to the finish line.

From what I have read it looks like it will take place all over Phoenix and the hardest part will be getting around the city (which happens to be like 80 miles across).

The Rules

I just took a glance at the official rules and a few things stuck out:

  • Public Transit Only – Looks like we will be taking the bus or light rail everywhere. That or walking…
  • No Private Transportation – No taxis or rides from anyone.
  • Cellphones and Internet Devices ARE ALLOWED – I think the iPhone might come in handy here.

Other than that, it looks like everything else is fair game. As long as we don’t break the law (so much for sneaking on the bus).

What’s The Prize?

First place is a whopping $300 and a free championship entry. Second place is $150 and a free entry. 3rd place is no money but a free entry for the championship. I already have my eye on the championship prize which is $10,000! I’m 38% positive we’re taking that home with us in November.  The championship is being held in New Orleans, a city I have never been too. So I really hope we can make it to the championship.

The Race Is Coming To A Bunch Of Cities

If you are interested in competing against us in the championship, you should check out the website. It looks like the race is taking place in pretty much every large city across America. But I have a feeling that you people up north might have to wait for the snow to melt first. Unlike here where we hit 90 degrees already…

Last But Not Least…

Our team name is (insert team name here). In other words, we don’t have one yet. That’s why I decided to write this post today. I was hoping you guys could help us come up with a sweet team name. We also need an awesome costume since they give prizes away for the best dressed.

Any suggestions?

PS. If you are here in Phoenix and participating in the event…watch your back!

20 thoughts on “Great Urban Race Is Coming To Phoenix!

  1. jen

    I’ve seen some wicked Barbie outfits (including man-size Barbie doll box!) or what about a bottle of JD?

    Do loads of people get involved or is it jsut a small thing?

    jen x

  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Hmm, this sounds interesting. Luckily, Boston is small enough (and our public transportation crappy enough) that I could just run around the city finishing goals like a madman. It’d be a story to tell at least.

    Anyway, how will they enforce the public transportation rule only? Seems like I could stash my bicycle somewhere and cheat without them knowing…not that I would ever cheat! 😉

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Yeah I am wondering the same thing. I think they have a lot of helpers that are running around with the various teams.

      PS. I saw one of the cities it is coming to is Boston. I expect you to participate and will see you at the championship. LOL

      1. Adam Pieniazek

        Yup, I noticed it’s one of the cities that’s waiting for the snow to melt!

        Hmmm…now I need to “strategerize” on who my teammate should be. Either way my team is gonna whup your teams!


      1. Chris

        Thanks for the kind words about The Go Game! We primarily do corporate events in the Phoenix area, but will be expanding our pure fun community games (which are open to everybody) all over the country this summer.

        Until then, we’ll look for you on CBS!

  3. Tracy

    I want to get on Amazing Race too! My fiance and I thought it would be a great honeymoon plus my daughter will be off to college so I can head out. Best of luck to you on making the cut.

  4. Internet and Gaming Cafe

    That’s enough leverage to prepare you for the amazing race! Good luck on that. I’m an avid viewer and even finished watching the asian version of it. I’m the adventurous type of individual but lately, I’ve become sedentary with work. lol

  5. Jaina

    Better bring it on Saturday!! LOL! My husband I will be running the race, too. Good luck and see you there!

    Oh yeah, I did the Go-Game years ago and it was a blast. The different thing about that is you watch a slide show of all the pictures at the end of the game and get to vote via text on whose pic was the best that satisfied the task. I hope it does come to Phoenix.

  6. Iowa Freelance Writing Blog

    I was in Tampa when they had the same thing going on over the weekend. It really was amazing how many groups of people there were running all over the city. Odd bit of chance, when we finally asked a Dad and daughter team what was going on, turns out they won the family bracket, lol. Even mentioned New Orleans. Good luck, Justin, sounds like it is a blast.


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