December 6, 2008

Guest Post On Problogger

Hey everyone, hope your having a great weekend. I rarely post on weekends but I just wanted to share my guest post over at Problogger. The post, 5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging has received some awesome feedback so far. I am really excited about it.

Also, if your visiting from Problogger, you might want to check out my interview I did awhile back with Darren Rowse. It has some good information in it about becoming a successful blogger.

Have a great weekend and tune in on Monday for some new pictures, I just upgraded to a Nikon D80.

13 thoughts on “Guest Post On Problogger

  1. Robby G

    Read your post on ProBlogger. Good job. First time on your blog, I really dig the layout. So all-in-all has this blog actually paid out enough for you to live a life of travel without really working a 9-5? Interested because I’ve started my second blog (which I’m NOT gonna give up on) a month ago and it’s a blog close to this one. Well closer to this one than let’s say a ProBlogger.


  2. Pokrate

    Lessons were good. Blogging can be used to combat unemployment too, which is now the buzzword amidst economic recession. Bloggers like you are really lucky.

  3. Kat Eden

    Thank-you so much for this article! I really related to what you wrote – although I haven’t been expecting an overnight success it was still nice to get that confirmation that you really do have to keep plugging away .. funny, I often write about how persistence pays off when it comes to exercise and eating well, but it does also apply to blogging!

  4. Travel for the Over 30s

    Just wanted to say I found your blog via your problogger post so it worked LOL I too have nomadic tendencies but oddly although my first blogs were travel related I just got back into a serious travel related blog having got distracted by all the better money making options! Is sooo much easier writing about your passion!


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