Haircut Fail…Or Win?

Bob Haircut
Is that a bob haircut? I sort of resemble Suri Cruise

Anyways, after much debate I decided it was time to say goodbye to the long hair. I’ve had it for more than a year now and wanted to change it up a bit. It’s 1,000 degrees outside and short hair is so much cooler. Plus I’ve had enough of the Jesus comparisons (and Kenny Loggins).

How Much Hair Did I Have?

Good question. I didn’t take the time to measure it but I did snap a few pictures of my hair prior to experimenting with it. Take a look:


Hair Top

As you can see, I had a decent amount of hair. It was a year and a half worth of growth so it took some time to get that length.

How Much Hair Did I Cut Off?

So now you’re wondering, how much hair did I cut off? Here’s the aftermath on our bathroom floor:


That’s pretty much all of my hair. My girlfriend started by cutting a bunch off with a scissors, which lead to the bob looking haircut you saw at the beginning of the post.

At that point, we decided to hop in the car and went to the store to buy a hair trimmer set. I actually sported that haircut to the store for awhile and felt pretty good about it (actually I felt like a moron).

Once we got back, she started with the #8 clipper on my whole head. From there, we kept dropping numbers until I decided to get rid of it all. We ended up doing the #3 clipper on my whole head.

The End Result

Here’s the end result and what I currently look like:


I must say, it feels great. Especially when I woke up this morning and didn’t have to do a thing to my hair. Plus it feels so much better when I’m outside. It’s going to take a little getting used to but I’m okay with that. I can finally stop wearing hats since I never had the time to actually do anything with my hair.

It’s a haircut win!

13 thoughts on “Haircut Fail…Or Win?

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Having had hair that longer ( and longer ), that feeling of saying eff it and shaving it all off is awesome. Wicked liberating. Short hair is deff the way to go, much less to deal with.

    Haircut win for sure.

  2. Dean

    Looks good to me! I also shaved my hair to a number 3 this week and wasn’t sure if I liked it at first….it’s grown on me pretty quick though! Feels much better sleeping and exercising!:)

  3. Master Dayton

    I can definitely relate. I didn’t cut my hair, and barely trimmed the beard, in three years up in Alaska. Unfortunately for me, instead of being compared to Jesus it turns out I looked like “Mikey” from American Chopper. That was enough of that. After that first hair cut, especially on a breezy day – beautiful.

  4. Laser Guy

    I think that it’s great to do a change like a big haircut or something similiar. My fiance had hair down to his butt and he shaved it all off to a 2inch cut all around. He looks like a whole new person and I love it. Congrats on the haircut win!


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