Hawaii Comes To An End…

This is one of the hardest blog posts I have had to write in a long time. I have decided that it is time for me to move on an experience some more of the world. My lease is up in a few days so I have decided to fly out tomorrow.

This was not a spur of the moment decision, I have been thinking about it pretty much the entire time I was here. I think things would have been different if my friend had stayed and I at least had someone close to me. Do not get me wrong, I have met some of the nicest and coolest friends ever here, but it is hard to make friends like you have at home that you grew up with.

The cost of living here is another major factor in my decision to leave. With the money I currently make, it is just not enough to be able to actually do the things I want to do. I miss having a car, and just being able to drive around instead of relying on my Schwinn all the time, especially when it rains :)

I gave my two week notice awhile back at work and the other day I had my going away party with my coworkers. It was very hard to say goodbye to all the people I have been working with the last 6 months. These are the people that pretty much made up my family while I was here. And the reality is, I may never see any of these people again. Luckily, the internet makes it pretty easy to stay in touch with people. I wasnt sure if they would be mad that I decided to leave but it seemed like they were happy for me. I am young and just need to go out and do my own thing and figure things out. I am really not ready to settle somewhere and call it home for the rest of my life. I prefer the 2 suitcases and ready to fly mentality. Someday, I will have a family and it will not be this easy to bounce around.

Is this the right decision…I have no idea. I guess there are no wrong decisions, just different options. I may return to Hawaii someday, who knows. At least I can say I lived here for 6 months and had some of the greatest times ever. I surfed a ton, snorkeled, hiked, biked, and just about everything else. I partied with some friends and just had a blast while I was here. I also became more cultured which is what I was hoping for. I met a lot of foreigners which has opened my mind up to possibly moving outside of the US for awhile. Australia maybe?

So where is the next stop?

Phoenix, Arizona is next on the list. I am actually flying directly there so I will not actually be going home. So it looks like seeing the family will have to wait some more. The reason I chose Phoenix wasn’t because of the city, but mainly because two of my friends live. One of them is my best friend that originally moved to Hawaii with me. So it will be nice to move in with two close friends and have some people to hang out with as soon as I get there.

I am hoping to work at Arizona State University because I have always wanted to work for a large school. I have applied for a position there and hope it goes well and I land the job.

Once again, another chapter in my life gets closed and another one opens up. I always wanted to live in a bunch of different places so I guess I am on the right path.

So hold tight, things will continue to be interesting!

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