December 30, 2008

Heading To Austin Tonight

Well everyone, it’s time for another road trip. This time my girlfriend and I are heading to Texas to check out Austin and San Antonio. I have always wanted to visit Austin and am planning to move there in June (if we like it).

We plan on leaving tonight around 8:30 since it is a 14 hour drive. I got the first 7 hour shift so I will be driving until 3. Luckily, I stayed up the last two nights so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Stay tuned for some posts in a few days with some new pictures and adventures!

9 thoughts on “Heading To Austin Tonight

  1. Will

    My girlfriend is from Austin so I’ve been there a couple of times and here’s what I can recommend:

    Go to Waterloo Records – you’ll never want to patronize a corporate record store again. Try to hit ’em up on a night when they have an “in-store”

    Go to Book People – you’ll never want to patronize a corporate book store again

    Have an ice cream at Amy’s Ice Cream – The product itself is on par with pretty much any other good quality ice creamery but the service there is so far above anything you would expect that it turns out to be a very fun experience

    Go to Toy Joy – a fun little toy store

    Spider House is a pretty good coffee shop/cafe/beer joint – go there some evening

    If you do move there in June you’ll want to learn where Barton Springs is and plan on going there often in the summer months (pretty much February through October)

    Above all, have fun

  2. LisaNewton

    Texas is an amazing state. A few years ago, I took my kids on a cross-country tour. We crossed Texas in one day, driving from Sheveport, LA to Carlsbad, NM in one day. Watching the landscape change from green trees to desert was extraordinary.

    Have a safe trip………………:)

  3. iWalk

    According to chinese tradition, 2009 is OX(牛)year, OX means growing, Yeah, A growing year!

    So Happy 牛 Year to you!

    ╭┴──┤Happy ├╮
    │o o│牛year │●°
    ╰┬──╯    │ ∴°﹒
    ☆ | / /∴☆


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