Headway Theme Overview

Headway, a new premium WordPress theme, is unlike any other themes out there. It utilizes some awesome features such as a layout editor and leaf system.

I just finished creating a brief overview of the Headway theme to help a few people understand how it works and wanted to share it with everyone:

If you’re interested in Headway, you can visit their website here. You can also check out the detailed Headway theme review over at the ZoopMedia blog.

2 thoughts on “Headway Theme Overview

  1. daus

    what such a great post ! thanks for sharing ya, i really appreciated your hardwork for write this post.

    keep up your hardwork.

  2. Rob

    Headway is full of bug and no longer has Easy Hooks. This theme probably has more potential than any other theme on the market, but they keep missing the boat. I’m half tempted to hire some developers to fix the bugs and add easy hooks back in, so I can have a killer WP framework to use on all my projects.


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