March 30, 2010

The Honda Grand Prix

Car Coming By

One of the coolest events I’ve attended so far here in Florida was the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. I’m not a huge fan of racing but since the main race was rained out on Sunday, they decided to make general admission free since it was pushed back to yesterday morning.

The other reason I wanted to check it out was because the race literally took place a few blocks from my house. The track was set up so close to my house that I heard the cars all last week while they were practicing and doing time trials (they’re louder than you think).

I must say, it’s pretty awesome to see cars racing through downtown. It sure beats watching them go around in a circle. The 1.8 mile track was setup right along the bay downtown and was the perfect place for a race.

As far as the race goes, Will Power in the Verizon #12 car won it. Seems like he was the favorite coming in to the race, but I can’t say I know much about the Indy series.

Photos From the Race

It was tough to get pictures since the cars were moving so fast but I ended up getting a few good ones. Here’s a few I took near the track:

Honda Grand Prix in St. Petersburg

Honda Grand Prix Car

For more photos of the race, check out the Honda Grand Prix photo gallery.

Videos From the Race

Since the still shots do not do the cars justice, I recorded some videos while standing near the track. Here’s a few of my favorites:

You can see a few more videos from the race over on my YouTube channel.

After seeing the Honda Grand Prix in person, I must say I was really impressed. It’s so much different seeing the cars in person as opposed to watching the race on television, especially when they race a few blocks from where you live.

4 thoughts on “The Honda Grand Prix

  1. The Real Josh

    Note to self, don’t listen to race cars with Bose headphones on without turning down the volume first. Ha. Glad you got to go and see them race looks like it would have been a lot of fun to watch.


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