February 26, 2010

Honeymoon Island State Park

Of all the places I have visited in Florida, Honeymoon Island State Park is currently my favorite. Not only is the beach amazing, but you can also hike through the tropical landscape and see all sorts of different things.

The two-mile hike takes you on a loop throughout the island where you can see all different types of wildlife. Osprey (a huge bird) seem to be everywhere and there are also a few Bald Eagles in the park. And who would have thought the park is also home to a ton of armadillos.

Besides hiking, you can also spend time on the beach swimming, snorkeling, and shelling. Not a bad place to spend a day out in the sun.

Honeymoon Island In Pictures

Below are my favorite photos I took while checking out Honeymoon Island Park:


Want to see more of the park? Check out this quick video clip as well as the complete Honeymoon Island photo gallery.

8 thoughts on “Honeymoon Island State Park

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  2. Ali

    I lived in Tampa for 4 years and unfortunately did not discover Honeymoon Island until right before I left for DC. Great pics!

  3. ted and sheila

    we are two srs here in the myrtle beach area

    have been to honeymoon park during rough wtr but we didnt find much i sea shells

    we donts take live shells only fm the beach so in one of your pictures you show a mound of shells please tell us where to go to find such

    we will be in the area oct 10 and plan on visiting honeymoon island and take the ferry across so how much is the ferry see all kinds of prices the weirdest is posted price of 12 yet they were charged 15

    will be staying on hwy 19 days inn north how far are we fm the park


    ted and sheila

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hey, thanks for checking out my post. The pictures of the shells were taken on the northern beach. You can actually drive right on to the island without taking a ferry. Once on there, just keep driving north until you can’t go any further and there is a parking lot right by that beach. The souther section of the island has sandier beaches with not as many shells.

      If you’re staying at the Days Inn in Clearwater, it’s only like a 20 minute drive to the park.


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