I’m A Rocketing Rabbit

I was just catching up on my feeds this morning and came across Adam Pieniazek’s post about testing your reaction time. He found an awesome game where you have to tranquilize sheep as quickly as possible. You can check it out here.

Warning…It’s A Little Addictive

The game is damn addicting and I didn’t stop until I beat Adam’s score…sorry Adam :). I wasn’t able to get to the Cheetah level but I settled as a rocketing rabbit. I have better things to do, lol. Here is a screen shot I snapped of my best score:

Give It A Shot

See what your reaction times are like. If you drank a little too much for Christmas yesterday, you might have some trouble…

4 thoughts on “I’m A Rocketing Rabbit

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Way to beat my score! Though to my credit I did play it on x-mas after a few brewskis and only played it about three times before I shut it down and ran away from my computer to avoid the inherent addictiveness.


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