7 Ways to Implement GTD in Your Life

Getting Things Done

Recording Tasks Externally Can Clear Your Mind And Boost Productivity

GTD (Getting Things Done) is a fantastic system designed by David Allen to help us organize ourselves and achieve a high level of productivity and success. There are now more than a hundred different applications and tools available, and a new one seems to pop up every other week.

So, where should you start if you’re looking for a solid way to implement GTD in your life?

Here’s a look at 7 different methods we seriously recommend you take a look at before making a decision:

1. Remember The Milk

An outstanding task list with unlimited contexts, projects, reminders, and calendar tasks. It syncs perfectly with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, IM, and RSS. RTM is free, with a Pro account available for $25/year that features additional support and increased performance with the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

2. Get It Done App

Considered by Apple a new and noteworthy app, Get It Done is based on Allen’s book to a great extent. If you don’t have an iPhone or an iPod, you can still access Get It Done through your browser. They are currently offering a 15 day free trial, and $39/year beyond that.

3. Nozbe

Nozbe is one of the first web-based GTD services which promises to improve productivity, help you collaborate and work on the run. They also boast an exceptional app for the iPhone and iPad, as well as integration with Evernote, Twitter, Jott, Google Calendar, and more. Nozbe offers a variety of paid plans with a 60 day risk free money back guarantee.

4. Things

Things has attracted a lot of attention this past year with rave reviews as it has brought GTD to the Mac in a major way. It is very powerful and strongly rooted in the principles of GTD for those who are familiar with the system. Things costs $49.95, and there are also special versions for the iPhone/iPod Touch at $9.99 and the iPad at $19.99.

5. OmniFocus

Made by The Omni Group, OmniFocus has been made to easily capture your thoughts to let you store, organize, and turn them into actionable to-do items throughout your day. It has been designed with the GTD system in mind, but it is flexible enough to work with any productivity system. OmniFocus features a 14 day free trial, and afterwards costs $79.95.

6. Vitalist

Heavily based on GTD principles, Vitalist is very easy to understand and use especially for those who are experienced with the GTD system. They have developed a wonderful way to manage your actions, projects, and contexts, all from within one application. Vitalist is free, with paid accounts available at $5 and $10 monthly for additional features.

7. Doit.im

Dot.im is a high quality, free online time and task management system that can be used on your desktop, iPhone and Android. It features a great user interface, allowing you to easily add new tasks, review your inbox, organize your existing tasks, and sort based on groups. It also features various syncing capabilities to keep your information in order.

These are 7 of the most popular and latest approaches that have helped countless amounts of people implement GTD in their life. Give at least one of them a chance and hopefully you will find the same positive results.

When she’s not getting things done, Louise Baker writes about online schools for Zen College Life. Her most recent article ranks the best online colleges.

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7 thoughts on “7 Ways to Implement GTD in Your Life

  1. Mark

    I have tried so many to-do list helpers, but inevitably I fail at them because they’re only as good as the amount of effort I put into them. True, some of them make it easier to keep track of things, but ultimately it’s up to us to make them work for us.

  2. Dan

    I agree. Remember the Milk is a terrific app.
    The Pro account provides perfect synchronization with BlackBerry’s native Task application – very slick. Worth the upgrade.
    Nice post Justin. I found some good new tools here.

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  4. Dan

    For implementing GTD you can use this web application:


    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.


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