An Interview On ShiteILike

A Blog Devoted To The Boss Lifestyle

A Blog Devoted To The Boss Lifestyle

Over the last week, I have had the pleasure of doing a few interviews with bloggers from all over the place. It seems people are really interested in the digital nomad lifestyle. Which is awesome!

I love answering questions about how I escaped the cubicle and managed to find a way to make a living myself. I hope it will help inspire more people to give it a shot.

Anyways, today I wanted to share with you an interview I did earlier this week. I want to thank Rob from ShiteILike for taking the time to ask me some good questions.

That’s enough talking…here it is: Interview With Justin Wright

A Little About The Blog

I thought I would share a brief introduction about the blog and what it is about.

ShiteIlike is a blog devoted to living the “boss” lifestyle. What does that mean? Good question. That was the first thing I wondered when I visited the site. Here is a quick answer I took from Rob’s about page:

“Well my definition is simple: “Being the smoothest man in the room, but when it comes down to it all he’s also the most bout it motherfucker up in there.” My advice range from Boss Mentality to what type of cologne Bosses wear to how they should dress.”

It’s a great blog and has a lot of advice, especially for men wanting to live the boss lifestyle.

About The Author

Rob currently lives in Toronto, Canada (still haven’t been there yet). He is moving to Amsterdam at the end of the year which sounds awesome! I wish him the best of luck in making the move abroad. I hope do something similiar this year.

If you missed the link above, you can check out the interview here: Interview With Justin Wright

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