Is Web 3.0 Just Around the Corner?

As I was surfing the internet this morning, I stumbled upon an article written by Tony Dokoupil over at The title of the article was “Revenge of the Experts” and it was looking at the trends that seem to be happening on the internet lately.

Tony starts by saying:”By any name, the current incarnation of the Internet is known for giving power to the people. Sites like YouTube and Wikipedia collect the creations of unpaid amateurs while kicking pros to the curb—or at least deflating their stature to that of the ordinary Netizen.”But what it also points out is that many sites are now starting to lean more towards hired professionals rather than user-generated content. Accuracy always has been an important but often overlooked element of the web. Many sites allow users to post information with little or no accuracy checks. This can lead to misleading information being found all over the internet.

So the question is, will the internet be looking for a change soon? According to Tony,”The timing could be right for a new era in Silicon Valley, a Web 3.0. It comes, after all, during dark days for the ideal of a democratic Web. User-generated sites like Wikipedia, for all the stuff they get right, still find themselves in frequent dust-ups over inaccuracies, while community-posting boards like Craigslist have never been able to keep out scammers and frauds.” I agree with what he has to say because it is vital to have correct information available to everyone.

At the same time however, I feel the users of the internet deserve our share of free speech as well.Web 2.0 has brought us Facebook, Myspace, Digg, wiki’s, and tons of other social networking sites. They have all made it so much easier to share content with others from around the world. Web 2.0 has changed the way nearly everything gets done on the web. Blogging alone has created a gigantic network of people who enjoy writing about all sorts of topics. It allows us to share our thoughts, opinions, and best of all, knowledge.

I would really hate to see Web 2.0 get tossed to the side in favor of a new platform where hired professionals create all of the content on the internet. The reason the internet is so interesting, is because so many more people get a say. If I wanted to read nothing but articles written by professionals, I would buy a newspaper or magazine. I enjoy the options of choosing from an array of different sources because they all have a unique point of view.

So the question is, who is considered a professional? Bloggers writing in there niche could easily be considered professionals in the industry. So maybe if Web 3.0 does happen in the near future, us bloggers will find ourselves getting offers to write content for larger websites.

Who knows, only time can tell where the internet will be heading. All I can say for now is, I am still your fan Web 2.0.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this and what you hope to see happen to the internet in the near future.

One thought on “Is Web 3.0 Just Around the Corner?

  1. BillyWarhol

    I think it will be Web3D.0 + the New Environment in which to Experience the Internet* The Experts calling for a Semantic Web don’t even know what they’re talking about + they fergot to ask the current Users what they want – Minor Detail*



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