Kenny Chesney’s Poets and Pirates Tour

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go check out Kenny Chesney’s Poets and Pirates Tour at the University of Phoenix stadium. It was a huge show and it was awesome to see.

There were four separate performers at the show, some I loved, other’s I didn’t. Here is a breakdown of the performances:

Gary Allan

Gary put on a good opening act and played a lot of his good songs. The first song he played was his new single, “Watching Airplanes.” He also played some of his older hits like “Smoke Rings in the Dark” and “Right Where I Need to Be.” I was pretty impressed with his show.

Sammy Hagar

The second performer was Sammy Hagar, and I will admit I was not impressed at all. I guess if you like older stuff, you may have liked this show. I hated his stupid outfit, which consisted of a red flannel shirt and red basketball shorts. He word a huge fuzzy hat that made him look like Dr. Suess.

Yeah, I wasn’t impressed.

Keith Urban

This was my favorite part of the whole concert. I have seen Keith Urban before and his show is awesome to see. He played a ton of his hits and interacted with the audience. He played a lot of his songs, including “I Told You So” and “Stupid Boy” off of his recent album. He also performed a lot of his older hits like “Somebody Like You.”

He also played some covers on guitar that were nice to see and even let some of his band members sing. I must say, this was the main reason I went to the show in the first place.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny also put on a decent show. They opened the roof of the stadium right before he hit the stage which was cool. He sang all of his hits and performed for over two hours.

The only downside to Kenny is he sounds almost identical live as he does on his CD’s. He also doesn’t interact with the crowd nearly as much as some of the other performers.

Overall, I thought it was an awesome show. I definitely got my moneys worth by seeing all the different performers. I would recommend it to anyone to go see this tour before it ends.

2 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney’s Poets and Pirates Tour

  1. John

    The Dr. Suess hat is take off from his Song “Sam I Am”. I think Sammy rocks but I didn’t think he would fit into the Poets and Pirates genre.


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