One Last Look At My 2008 Goals

Believe it or not, 2009 is just around the corner. So I thought I would take a little time and take another look at the list of goals I had for 2008. If you missed it, check out my goal list from a few months back.

After crossing off a lot of the goals, I still had four remaining. Luckily, I have since crossed some of them off. Here are some details:

Give More Back

I wanted to find a way to give more back and help people out. I managed to do this by growing a mustache for a month. I helped over a thousand students here in Phoenix and it felt great.

Work For Myself

Since I last wrote about my goals, I have managed to take the plunge and quit the office job I hated. I have not looked back since and have been working as hard as I can to make a living on my own. Through blogging and freelance work I have managed to make it so far.

Sell My Car

I had my car listed for 4 months without many responses, until someone emailed me last week. That person then decided to purchase the car and took it off my hands on Saturday. This was a huge stepping stone for me and am so glad I no longer have any car payments are car insurance to worry about. Now it’s time to adjust to not having a vehicle…

Be 100% Debt Free

This is the only goal left. I have not yet hit the 100% debt free mark, but selling the car and paying of the car loan was a huge step. That made up more than 70% of my debt that I was trying to pay off. Now it’s just a matter of making some extra money and paying off my student loan and a little bit of credit card debt. It’s just a matter of time before I hit the 100% debt free mark.

So there is a last look my goals for 2008. It was a great year and I managed to do almost everything I wanted to. Did you accomplish the things you wanted to this year?

5 thoughts on “One Last Look At My 2008 Goals

  1. LisaNewton

    Wow, that’s impressive. I’m sure you’ll make your 100% debt free goal by the end of 2009……………………..:)

    Overall, 2008 wasn’t the best year for me, but if December is any indication, 2009 will be a different story.

  2. Armen Shirvanian

    That point about how you gave more back was hilarious. That was classic material. Thank you for having provided that. There is much good in that description of how you gave back to the community.


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