Launching My New Blog Today

Today brings some great news. I have decided to share my new blog with everyone. I’ve been working on it for awhile now but haven’t spread the word about it yet. Although it’s not completely done, it’s usable and already filled with a few weeks of content.

So…What Is It About?

As everyone knows, I love photography. Therefore, I decided to start a daily photoblog. I think it will be a great way for me to share my photos with even more people. The other reason I started it is because I have accumulated a ton of photos since I have been traveling a lot more. It’s hard to squeeze them all into blog posts here on this blog.

As far as the domain name goes, I chose to go with my name because I wanted to make it a portfolio. Instead of spending time making an actual portfolio, I figured it would be much more beneficial to just go with a blog.

I haven’t decided yet if I am going to include any written posts on the blog. My guess is probably not…

I Would Love Some Feedback

If you have some time, please check it out and give me some feedback. As much as I try to look at it myself, other people always seem to have different opinions. In case you missed the link above, you can hop on over to to check it out.

The first thing you might notice is the fact that the blog uses popup comments. Although it’s a little different than normal, it really helps keep the blog simple and clean. Which is exactly what I was looking for. No widgets or previous post links. Just a photo each day with navigation buttons at the bottom.

I still need to macgyver some social networking buttons into it but that will come in the next few days.

PS. Don’t forget to come back here tomorrow. I will be sharing my new plan to try and shatter some Guinness World Records…

13 thoughts on “Launching My New Blog Today

  1. Dereck Coatney

    Here’s one thing to check: The popup comment window’s dimensions are locked, but the fields are much wider than the dimensions. Is there a way to allow a user to resize the popup window?

  2. Dereck Coatney

    Well, that might not be necessary. I went back, and when it popped up this time, the form in the comment box was much more narrow and didn’t require me to scroll left or right. Maybe it’s good as is.

  3. Justin Post author

    @ Dereck: Hmm, when I use Safari or Firefox it allows me to change the size of the box. The form then resizes based on the window size. I’ll test it some more and make sure it works.


  4. Ace

    I’ll have to check it out, but on another note you owe me money or at least you half the movie ticket. I took your advice and watch Zack and Miri. Most of the movie was funny, but the sex scene with Zack and Miri almost made me gag. I think everyone in the theater closed their eyes. I have 2 words for you “Black Friday”.

  5. David

    Black background, wow, I like it, Black is my favorite color.
    Why you not list last picture thumbnail, I think it will make your blog look more nice :D


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