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Friday Video

Hey everyone, once again it is time for a Friday Video. This morning, I was a little angry waking up because I really just wanted to sleep in. Then I got to work only to realize my computer is all messed up. My Windows Explorer keeps crashing, my profile reset, all kinds of good stuff…

Anyways, I really just needed a few laughs to cheer me up today so I went on YouTube and looked around for some funny videos and I decided on this one:

Why Is It So Funny?

I don’t know, but for some reason I like laughing at the expense of others’. It really makes my day to see people fall, or better yet, embarrass themselves in front of a large group of people. It reminds you that everyone has bad moments so we might as well laugh at them and move on with our lives.

Personally, I could not stop laughing when that little dog grabs the roman candle while it’s lit. If that wasn’t enough, it then decided to run around with it in his mouth shooting flaming balls at all the spectators. I loved it!

And we can’t forget little Billy, the Boy Scout trying to dance. If that’s what you can call it, but I must admit it’s damn funny to watch him jack that other guy right in the face. Classic…

What’s Your Favorite Part?

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