Life After the Cubicle

Hey everyone, you have officially found the first ever edition of Life After the Cubicle. Okay fine, it’s more like the pilot edition since it has not yet officially launched. Anyways, this will be an ongoing series that I hope to keep around indefinitely. The series can be found under the Life category on my navigation bar.

Introduction to the Series

Life After the Cubicle is going to be my story about what I am doing now that I have quit my office job to try new things. I am going to focus on writing about my gigs, short-term jobs, and any freelance opportunities I encounter along the way. If I sell some crap on Craigslist to pay my cellphone bill, here is where you can read about it.

I will also document my journey to make a full-time living online through this blog along with a few other sites. I hope to share some more tips on blogging and share my stats as far as traffic and what I have set for goals. It is more like a journal documenting my journey to become an entrepreneur .

I think it will be really interesting to document it and it will help me stay motivated to succeed at it. Who knows, I might even influence a few others to ditch the cubicles and move on to a more satisfying life. We will see…

Enough with the hype right? Here is the news I am sharing for the first ever episode:

I Have Joined the 42nd Estate

I have officially joined the 42nd Estate, a group of bloggers hoping to make an impact on the internet. You can check out the 42nd Estate blog as well as Adam Pieniazek’s blog for my introduction and what my background is (not that you don’t know already). I plan to start helping them out more with some of the sites including Only The Interner’ts Best Reviews, which is a site that plans to review everything in the world. I have also designed the graphic for We Demand Videos, a site that brings the best videos from YouTube to one easy to find location.

I think this is an awesome step in the right direction. Not only can I utilize my blogging knowledge on some more sites, but I can continue to learn more and more. I am amazed at what I have learned since I started this blog in the beginning of February.

Over the next few months, I hope for a lot to happen. I already have another blogging position setup that I am eager to start workong on as well. I will wait until the next edition to share that since it is still in the beginning stages.

And that concludes the first pilot edition of Life After the Cubicle. Don’t worry, it will get a lot better and I will even make a sweet graphic for the series : ).

PS. At the end of each Life After the Cubicle post, I will be placing this bar which shows my Alexa ranking as well as my Google PageRank. I am in no way trying to brag about any stats, but instead want to share my journey so I can see my progress as time moves on.

Alexa: 70,274 / PageRank: 3

21 thoughts on “Life After the Cubicle

  1. Ace

    Good stuff dude. I can’t help but be jealous. I think everyone wishes that they could take these steps like you did. I think it’s pretty cool.

  2. Justin Post author

    Thanks. It should be interesting, but I have a good feeling about it and think it will all work out in the end. If not, at least I gave it a try : )

  3. Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog

    Good luck with it all Justin.

    I find your blog actually interesting which is probably why you currently have at the time of this comment an Alexa rank of: 68, 852 which is a pretty impressive feat. I’m fairly sure you’re getting some pretty serious traffic no doubt.

    Oh, you also currently have a PageRank of 4 as well. Looks like you’re well on your way.

    I’m a PHP Programmer/Web Developer who dabbles in some UI design every now and then. You know where to find me if you need anything.

  4. Justin Post author

    @ Dwayne

    Thanks a lot. I didn’t notice that my Alexa went up today, that’s always a good thing to see : )

    If I work on any projects and need some help, I will let you know.

  5. Adam Pieniazek

    Again, welcome to the team buddy! You should be seeing a few more welcomes from the rest of us as they get home from their day jobs.

    Congrats on the bump up in PR…it’s about time you matched (very deservedly) my blog there!


  6. Carla

    Great blog theme. I wish you the best in your endeavors and I look forward to following you in your journey. I will hope I will join you soon!

  7. Eddie

    Best of luck to you man and I hope everything works out without the oppressing walls of the cubicle. Glad that you’re 42nd estate bro!

  8. Zoracle

    Hey dude, happened upon your blog while setting up my own WordPress blog. Having some issues with the flicker albums, but I’ll get it.

    I too am looking to a new start in life and have a lot of down time in my job so I’m very interested in how to make money blogging. I shall RSS your site immediately. Good Luck

  9. Trevor

    Your life is so interesting! I can’t wait to read more editions of this little segment you have going here. I’m sure you’ll make it as a full time entrepreneur!

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  11. Mike S.

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for your insights. I bought your materials a couple of weeks ago and I’ve really enjoyed studying them. By the way, two things stand out. First, I love the the banana/spinach protien shake! I add a little olive oil to incorporate healthy Monosaturated fat. Also, your discussion of multiple sources of income. That was an eye opener for me and is now a cornerstone of my strategy. Keep up the good work and let us hear more from you!!


  12. Robyn R Brooks

    Hi Justin,

    I’m one of the cubicle-bound and have just recently started looking for new avenues of income. I recently was forced to dip my toe in the quicksand of the older generation pool and found everyone around me is getting younger and younger. My doctor looks like Doogie Howser for God’s sake! My boss is 14 if he’s a day! Actually, all of that is a lie. I’ve just been in the same position, in the same office for 30-years and need a change.

    Accidently I found while Binging for at-home businesses and the little seeds began sprouting in my mind. But it seemed so complicated and insecure that I have “looked” but haven’t “touched” yet.

    Do you have any ideas for me? I just need to start slow. I need to learn my worth without having someone depend on me for an immediate, important project. Just until I find my niche and understand enough of the process to set my goals. Of course, a little money wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    I’m thinking about blogging unique articles on various topics, and promoting data entry, customer service, and writing interests. How do you protect yourself from scam jobs?

    I know…I know…all this is probably in your book and on your blog. I plan on reading both because you are the first that I’ve found that both touched on my desire to de-cubiclize myself and the simple, yet fun way to start. Thank you for that. It’s time for me to step away from Facebook games and blurbs and find my life again!


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