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First off, thanks for checking out the first ever podcast here on Life of Justin! I really hope you enjoy it. For each podcast, I will feature the mp3 link along with the built in player. Simply click the play button and you’re good to go.

I will also try my best to type of the podcast or include some notes. That way if you don’t have speakers or a place to listen, you can still read it. As my podcast get longer (which they will), I will most likely start summarizing them instead of writing them out in full.

Anyways, lets get started. Click below to listen to the podcast:

Read It Instead:

As you all know, I quit my office job back in October and have not had a job since. Its been a long and winding road ever since then. When I first quit, I had a full-time blogging position with a company here in Phoenix. I got paid to write blog posts, market the blog, and do all the design work. This was a great step in the right direction because it gave me the income I needed to live off of and still let me work from home.

However, December brought a big problem. The company I was working for pretty much went broke and decided they did not want to pay me anymore. So a word of advice, always have something on the back burner because you never know when a job could end. Even one you might consider “steady.” I ended up living off my saving for the rest of the month and sold my car.

Once that happened, I was back to square one. Which basically meant I was living off the income of Life of Justin, which is still below my monthly expenses. So I had to figure out another way. I either had to get another job (which is not going to happen) or I had to find a way to generate some income.

Time To Do Freelance

This is when I decided to start selling my services. In the beginning of January, I started responding to ads all over Craigslist and eventually set up an Elance account. Before I knew it, I was getting a bunch of gigs that were paying anywhere from $100 to $900 depending on the project. Now I can safely say I made almost $2,000 dollars since then. Not to bad if I sat so myself.

For the time being, I am really happy with the way things are working out. The only downside is it can be extremely stressful at times because you never know when you will get paid. It isn’t as simple as expecting a paycheck every other Friday. So I need to start learning to keep more in savings since there is sometimes breaks between projects.

The good news is it gives you the freedom to be anywhere anytime. Sometimes I stay up until 4 am working on things and don’t get up until noon. Plus being able to go places like the coffee shop whenever you want is really satisfying.

The Road Looking Ahead

Now that I am making a living blogging and doing freelance projects, I really hope to focus more on these topics on my blog. As time moves on, you will start to see more and more posts about how I am making money online and what you can do to follow in my footsteps. I have received a lot of emails from various readers asking me questions about how I make money and I am ready to answer them.

So some big things are going to happen on Life of Justin in the near future. Expect 110% from me from now on and I am going to do my best to help all of you reach your goal of make a living online. Office jobs are a thing of the past….

6 thoughts on “Life As A Freelance Blogger

  1. Very Evolved

    Hi Justin – followed you over here from a link from problogger – I thought their job board was pretty good, you?

    You’re probably all over this but also seems to have a decent job board. They don’t seem to like elance much over there though – too much competition and undercutting from inexperienced overseas bloggers where a few USD is a fortune.


    1. Justin Post author

      Hey thanks for checking out the blog. Yeah the Problogger job board is pretty good. I’ve never actually worked for anyone on it but I hope to change that soon.

      I’ve heard of, but have not really used it. I’ll check it out this afternoon and she how it looks. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Ral

    Thanks for sharing your recent experience with the “financial crisis.” I am sure you are not the only one who is going through the hardship, uncertainty and frustrations of these hard times. I wish you well, my friend. I think you are headed in the right direction, in terms of your, resolve to work harder, save more and live within your means. No economic folly is worse than spending what one does not have….national rehabilitation starts with change in one person like you….good luck and best wishes….keep us informed of your progress…..

  3. Issa

    Hi Justin, how’s your life right now as a pro blogger? I have recently joined the world of blogging and though a lot of folks here think that it is not a decent job to start with, I’d say I share the woes you had. It’s starting to pay off though, one blog at a time. Thanks for the sharing!

  4. cindy kerber

    Dear Justin, I came across your website in the midst of looking for a low stress job…your pro blogging career is an alien adventure to somebody like me, but i am curious about it as a dreamer and fellow writer…by the way your photos are good. Do you chat with the whole world on a number of different topics for money? That’s wild and you would have to be pretty well versed on the topics of the day–a lot to choose from in 2010…are there any restrictions, is there music, sounds so unreal, but i imagine you could share some vital info with folks.


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