Lucia’s Linky Love Has Been Installed

As many of you know, I wrote a post awhile back entitled This Blog Is Now DoFollow. In this post, I talked about how I decided to make all of my comment links DoFollow to give back to my readers. I’d like to share my experience along with the changes I have decided to make. First up, the bad things:

Bad Thing #1: Large Increase In Comment Spam

Believe it or not, my comment spam has grown to the point of being a hassle. I have to moderate all of my posts before I can approve them. Even Akismet does not pick these up and there is a reason why. The reason?

The comments are made by real people, not bots. I have tried implementing the simple math plugin along with a simple captcha but neither of these worked because every comment passed.

Here are a few of the comments I am talking about:

  • “Great Blog”
  • “Useful content indeed, will be back”
  • “Great posts I like it”
  • “Love it”

The main reason I can tell these are spam is because the people didn’t even bother to read my post. Some of the comments I deleted were totally irrelevant to the post itself. I even had one person paste the same comment on three different posts!

Bad Thing #2: Being Listed On DoFollow Blog Lists

When I first noticed my blog on a DoFollow list I was pretty excited. I was like “yes, free backlinks!” I figured it would help me as I got listed on more and more lists. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. People started finding these lists and cruising through them leaving comments all over the place without even reading the posts.

As far as getting delisted, it’s pretty much impossible. Since no one really knows who created the lists in the first place. They just get passed around and more and more links get added to them.

The Solution (Lets Hope)

I am still a big believer in giving backlinks to those who visit my site and leave valuable comments. So I didn’t abandon it completely. Instead, I decided to go with the Lucia’s Linky Love plugin.

What the plugin does is pretty awesome if I say so myself. It allows you to give DoFollow comment links back to readers after they comment a certain amount of times. That way people cannot just stop by and drop a quick line and leave. If they do, their comment will have the Nofollow tag applied to it until they come back and comment a few more times.

I currently have the magic number set to… oops I decided to keep the number a secret. However, every reader that has commented on my blog a few times has nothing to worry about. Your comments have already been made DoFollow.

The plugin also lets you put the number of comments a person has made next to their name. Pretty cool!

Time For A Test Run

I already have everything implemented so it should be ready to go. I’ll make a post later down the road after it’s been up for awhile and share my experience after making these changes.

Have a great weekend! Be sure to come back on Monday for some new adventures…

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37 thoughts on “Lucia’s Linky Love Has Been Installed

  1. Mark

    Hey, I have just found out about this plug-in, and I am wanted to incorporate into my blog. Although I have downloaded it, I just haven’t installed it on my blog yet. (been kinda busy) I heard that the only customization you can do is 3 to 10 comments before it makes them dofollow, is this right or can you pick your own number? Anyway, thanks for this good post.

  2. Gail @ CommentLuv

    I also wish to know whether you feel this plugin really reduces your spam. Although I understand why people think it will I honestly do not see any benefit to it and I know that it confuses those who might become your most loyal readers and commentators.

    Spammers leave multiple comments in my blog and I delete them before they ever go live even though I do not even use Akismet because it is banning excellent bloggers from commenting.

    WordPress has a setting to not let any comment appear in your blog unless you have previously approved a comment in that name. That is all that is necessary to keep spam off your blog.

    We are testing captchas to determine which is easy for commentators to use while keeping the most automated spam off our blogs. I keep asking and am still waiting for someone to tell me how exactly Lucia’s Linky Love and similar plugins are benefiting them.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hey Gail, the plugin does indeed reduce spam a little. However, I no longer use the plugin. I approve comments myself instead, since it allows me to reply to people since I always get to see them before they go up. It does require bit more time, but I feel the end result is worth it.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Rene @ The Easy Cash

        I have to agree that approving each comment yourself is the best way to go. As Justin said, it allows bloggers to interact and get to know each other better. It’s not like bloggers are posting for no reason. They’re writing to or for their visitors.

      2. Ari Herzog

        This is useful to know as I consider uninstalling the DoFollow plugin for the reasons you cite above. I wonder if removing it will truly reduce the number of useless spammers.

  3. Sunny

    Justin – I am here only to read this post – I commented on Andrew Shotland blog and I observed one comment was do follow & other were no follow, I asked Andrew what is this magic – Then he told me abt this plugin (Lucia’sLinkLove plugin), when I tried to research more on this, I found your blog on top – not only you score better than anyone, you have provided a very useful information too.

    I know you want to engage people to read more on your blog, one more thing you can do is to personally send email or reply to comment, I know it would be hard but if you find time read every comment, you can drop thank you :)

    But anyways cheers for your nice post.

  4. JasonB

    It looks like an old post because I don’t see commentluv on your site anymore. But you were the top hit when I searched for Lucia Linky Love plugin.

    Have a good day.

  5. belinha

    Hi Justin! I reached your blog while looking for a Plugin just like the one you wrote about. I don’t even know why. No one comments on my blog. I get traffic but no one leaves a word. I am Portuguese and write in english because my blog is kind of promotional.I write about my products and Portugal. So I keep thinking that my english must be repulsive or something!Soemtimes I ask direct questions on my posts. Nothing. Anyway I would like to offer the linky love thing and this Plugin is cool. But I do not know if it works anywhere.I’m with Blogger.

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