MacJournal Review

Over the past few months, I have been using MacJournal on a daily basis. If you missed it, I specifically mentioned the application in my post The Art of Journal Writing.

I decided that I love this application so much that I wanted to do a complete review of it and give you a few reasons as to why I continue to use it.

By no means is this a sponsored review, I simply like the product and enjoy sharing tools that I personally find useful.

So here is an even closer look at what MacJournal is capable of and why I highly recommend giving it a shot if you are a Mac user.

It Is Simple

Let me start by saying that this program has plenty of features, yet it still remains simple to use. I have never been a fan of applications that are far more powerful than I need. The more bells and whistles an application has, the more clutter I have to fight through to actually do what I want with it.

The way MacJournal works is very similar to how an email client works. It reminds me of Apple Mail in my ways.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it has a left sidebar that lists off your journals, along with the main body area where you can see your entries:

As soon as you click on a journal, the application will automatically show you the entries for that specific journal. It really works the same way as a folder system within your inbox. The big plus is that I do not have to be connected to the internet to use it, nor do I have to email myself whenever I want to add something.

It Is Effective

Not only is MacJournal simple, but it is also highly effective. I use it for a few different things and have not had a single problem with the application.

First off, I use it as a daily journal to keep track of events, workouts, dreams, spending, and my life. It works so much better than any other journal software that I have used. Plus I really like the idea of not having to use the web because I would rather keep the file on my computer. It may be safer on the web in terms of not losing the data, but that’s what Time Machine is for.

Secondly, I use it as a to do list manager where I can keep track of everything I am working on. What is really nice is the fact that I can link to various websites directly from an entry.  This makes it really easy to track my projects since I can always find what I am looking for, whether it be a clients website or a useful article that I need to finish something.

Note taking is another thing I really like this application for. I used to use a separate program for note taking, but I have found that having everything in one central location is far more easier. Whenever I need to jot something down, I simply click on the note journal and fire up a new entry. It automatically puts the time and date of the entry as well which makes it super easy to track.

It Supports Multiple Journals

As I mentioned above, I use this application for multiple purposes. None of that would be possible without the support for multiple journals. As far as I know, there is no limit as to how many journals you can have within MacJournal.

Besides having multiple journal support, it also has a hierarchy system which allows you to place journals inside other journals. Sound confusing? It’s actually really simple. Here is a quick look at my journals after I expanded each of them:

As you can see, it really does work just like email. Whenever you hit the new entry button, it will automatically place it in the journal you have selected. If for some reason it is not the correct journal, all you have to do is drag and drop the entry into the journal would like it to be in.

It Has Built In Security

You may have noticed in the screenshot above that a few of the journals have a small lock next to the name. That’s because MacJournal has some built in security options that make securing your data a piece of cake. If you want a certain folder to be protected, all you have to is create a password for it.

From that point on, it will not allow anyone to see the contents of that journal until is has been unlocked. This works really well if you have any private information such as a personal diary.

It Supports Multimedia

Last but not least, I really like MacJournal because it has multimedia support built right into it. I have been using this feature a lot lately to integrate both audio and video into my entries. It’s especially useful if you are lazy and do not feeling like typing something up.

Below is a quick screenshot of the media interface found in MacJournal:

While it may not have a ton of options, I do like the fact that it is very simple to use. I like being able to click the record button and start recording audio or video in a matter of seconds. Once I am finished, it will automatically attach the audio or video clip to the specific journal entry.

You can also insert the video directly into the entry, which allows you to see the video embedded right along side any text you have added.

So there you have it, an in depth look at MacJournal. If you are interested in learning even more about it, check out the MacJournal website.

Do you use any type of journal software?

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