September 10, 2009

Mexican Coke vs American Coke

mexican coke

One of the many things I’ve discovered since moving to Austin is Mexican Coke. Prior to moving here, I wouldn’t of had the slightest clue as to what it is. Now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Mexican Coke is super addicting and delicious and there’s just something about drinking out of the old school glass bottle that makes it more enjoyable.

So I’ve decided to have a battle between regular Coke and Mexican Coke. Here we go!

Round 1: Appearance

As the old saying goes, “appearance is everything.” Even when we’re talking about something as simple as cola. Lets take a closer look at the two different bottles and see which one wins:

american-cokeAmerican Coke

As you can see to the left, the American Coke looks like any Coke you would see at a gas station. It consists of a screw off plastic cap, a plastic label, and a paper (I think?) sticker known as the label.

There’s a bunch of crap on the label about entering codes on the internet to win like a billion dollars or something. Does anyone actually take the time to read the codes off the caps and enter them online? I sure don’t.

Other than that, we have some nutrition facts, bottle information, and that’s about it.

In terms of appearance, it’s not that appealing.

mexican-cokeMexican Coke

Now lets take a look at the Mexican Coke. As you can see, the Mexican Coke features a metal cap (it’s not even a screw off), as well as a SUPER thick glass bottle.

Apparently they don’t bother with the sweepstakes in Mexico, so the label is literally burned? etched? built right in to the glass. Kind of badass if you ask me.

It has far less information on it compared to the American bottle. The nutrition facts are actually on a sticker, which I’m assuming is added once it makes its way to the US.

Overall, this bottle kills the American Bottle.

1-0 Mexican Coke

Round 2: The Ingredients

In round two, we’re going to compare the ingredients. I know neither of them are healthy beverages but we’ll forget about that for now. Here’s a closer look at the ingredients of each one:

American Coke

Water, high-fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine.

Mexican Coke

Carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine.

As you can see, there’s only one key difference. The American Coke uses high fructose corn syrup, which is probably one of the worst things on the planet in terms of health. The Mexican Coke uses real cane sugar, which is at least natural.

2-0 Mexican Coke

Round 3: Taste Testing

Finally, time to taste the two and compare them:

American Coke

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a regular Coke so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I took a few sips and really focused on the flavor. For some reason, it tastes a lot more “fake” and has a chemical taste to it. The sweetness is more bitter and sort of reminds me of a diet Coke that uses artificial sweeteners.

Mexican Coke

Once I got done tasting the American Coke, I immediately tried some of the Mexican Coke. Wow does it taste better. It’s sweeter and has a less acidic/chemical taste to it. It tastes a lot more like a naturally sweet beverage such as juice.

3- 0 Mexican Coke

It’s Delicious

Well the Mexican Coke dominated this battle. I’ll continue to spend a $1.25 on the Mexican Coke in glass bottles knowing that the taste is far better than the American version.

FYI: You can now get Mexican Coke by the case on Amazon.

130 thoughts on “Mexican Coke vs American Coke

  1. Michaela

    Hi Justin,

    great post! I don’t even touch the American coke. Funny, we Europeans think about Coke beying really traditional for US, but then you have to drink the Mexican coke to get the “real deal”. πŸ™‚
    One hint – I love Coke and I have tasted many of them and found out, one the best ones are done in Croatia and Czech Republic (they taste differently and have a real, good sugar in it). Coke was actually at first used to heal the upset stomach – thanks to the coffeine and sugar. But I guess the US Coke wouldn’t help you much these days.

    Thanks, Michaela

    1. Alejandro

      You are right!
      Here in Mexico some people still drinks Coca Cola when have a stomachaque. It really works, itΒ΄s like a magical medicine. probably it is what you mentioned, the caffeine + the real sugar in a cold beverage.
      I wonder why Coca-Cola Company do not realize that there is a big market up there for you guys that want to drink the real thing. I mean, I am happy that you can drink Coca Cola made in Mexico (my country) but you invented that stuff, you should produce it right there. Greeting from Mexico and be happy, we still preserve the formula you created πŸ™‚

  2. Aaron

    Well I was thinking this post was about something completely different, lol. anyways the Philippiens have glass bottles of every soda beverage they have. Its huge with Coke there. and since its the metric system there the soda bottles you can buy are huge glass liter bottles which are way cool

  3. Angelo C

    yep it does taste better but I’ll tell you one thing; I drank it once and a slimy skin like substance was horribly detected in my first sip. that was enough for me to stick to American coke that keeps its inspection standards well enough for me to never have experienced that from them.

  4. Gamakichi

    A tip to anyone in the San Diego area… Home Depot sells Mexican Coke, and usually they have a few spare 24-cases lying around next to the little check-out minifridge where they put the drinks. They’re cool w/ people just grabbing a case of ’em and hitting the checkout – they just ring it up as 24x one bottle. πŸ™‚

  5. Jenni

    Sounds like those “throwback” sodas that they tried selling for a while. Too bad they didn’t catch on. You’re right about high fructose corn syrup, it is causing type II diabetes. It is highly concentrated fructose which is bad for insulin receptors. We should all be wary of chemically altered foods and drinks. And if you don’t know what they are, do some research, it will save your life πŸ™‚

  6. Gary L. McClintock

    This is not an orignal idea. I remember the old glass bottles from the 1970’s and 1980’s. I am going to tell you my age in sort of a way because i was born in 1971. They had the name of the Soda Silk Screened on them. And they had a Metal Cap on the top of them. And you had to heve this tool called a Bottles opener to open them. And they orginaly had Pure Cane Sugar instead of High Fucose Corn Syrup in them. And Real Flavorings and Color in stead of all Artifial Flavorings and Color. And you could Return the bottle for in around 5 or 10 Cents.

    But then back in the mid 1980’s the Us Goverment Decided that it would be a whole lot cheaper in the Long Run to Use High Fucose Corn Syrup and Plastic Bottles and Lids instead of the Pure Cane Sugar and Glass Bottles with Metal Lids.

    They did not See the Error of There Ways until about Four Years agoe Unfortinaly. Then they started coming out with the throwback sodas in the Plastic Bottles with the Plastic lids. That usually came in 20 ouches. and the Cans which usually came in 12 or 16 ouches.

    Here is sort of a Historical Time Line For You.

    Starting from the time i was born.

    1970`s Glass Bottles and Sugar

    Early 1980`s Glass Bottles and Sugar

    Mid 1980`s to 2000`s Alumium Cans 12 to 16 Oz. and
    Plastic Bottles usually 20 Oz. to 2 Litters. And
    High Fucose Corn Syrup.

    2007 and 2008 Soda distrubitors came out with
    Throwback Sodas which they started using Sugar
    In Again.

    2011 Mexican Coke

    As you can see it was more about Saving money than it was about Protecting our Health as Citizens of The Us. Which is Unfornialy True until Now.

    1. Alejandro

      Mexican Coke – since 1926, not 2011. We just respect the formula you used to drink decades ago. πŸ™‚

      1. Geza Bereczky jr.

        You mean in Mexico they didn’t jump the corn syrup wagon yet. Here in the US which is no surprise they just don’t care about anything just the bottom line MONEY. Corn syrup is cheaper but that does not make it taste the same as sugar and its also bad for your kidneys. It made me quit drinking American Coke I only drink Coke in Europe when we go on vacation of Mexican Coke when I can find it. How sad is that. It shows you Corporations don’t care about anything but making money.

  7. Michelle Yates

    Im a little late in the game but I just came across this blog, you are soooo right, we actually sell the mexican cokes at our BBQ, by the way if you can get a sales tax number you can get it for like $18.00 a case at the Restaurant Depot, just to let ya know, good work!

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  9. Merle Brightshue

    I moved to Mexico about 14 years ago and lived there for about 12. Until that time I hated Coca-Cola, thought it was disgusting. But it was so incredibly hot there, over 100 deg. I soon had to try their Coca-Cola—I was completely surprised at how much I liked it. Well, I attributed it to the heat. Now I’m back in the States and can say the Coca-Cola here is totally different. It’s not something I can drink.

  10. Tony

    Mexican cokes are the reason I havent contemplated mass murder or suicide yet (:…now if only coke added some actual coke to their mexican recipe like they did a century ago..

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  12. Neva

    Over the last year and a half I have suffered with distended small intestin (upper abdomenal swelling) and burning pain on right side under rib cage. Colon cancer is in my family so of course that was my thought. Finally went in for all the tests – showed nothing. Was diagnosed with “Fructose Malabsorption” and told to get high fructose out of my life. Sure enough, one week later, no swelling, no pain except when I eat something at a resturant with no label. Have you ever read labels trying to find something – anything – without high fructose corn syrup? That’s when I went searching for a sugar based soda and found the Mexican Coke. Love it. Then they came out with the sugar based Pepsi; found Sierra Mist that is also sugar based. Bread is also another huge problem but recently there have been more brands coming out with labels reading “No High Fructose Corn Syrup”. Start reading labels – almost everthing has this culprit in it. I have found the Mexican Coke in Best Buy, Fiesta Foods and Walmart.

  13. Den

    Funny I can’t stand the American Coke yet when I was in the Army and in Germany I loved the coke there. I went back to the states after I got out and really missed the German coke. Everytime my wife and I went back to visit people I would drink coke like there was nothing else well beteen beers that is. Now being back in Germany once again and seeing this when just yesterday my wife and I was again talking about just how bad the American Coke was and why couldn’t it be more like the Germany coke. I wonder if the coke you like would be as good if not better than the German coke. Maybe American Coke should wake up and say hey maybe we better get back to being good screw the other crap. I am 51 years old and the last time I had an American Coke is when I was 14 and then only the ones in the I think 10 oz or 8 oz bottles. Well I guess when I get back to the states it’ll be good old Dr Pepper once again.

  14. chrishorne

    Local Coke in Australia/New Zealand also has real sugar. I suspect most/all of the coke in europe is the same mixture as well – I Lived in London for 6 years and the taste seem the same to me. I have tried coke in the US before – certainly seemed a bit different but didn’t really think about it much. Now I know.

  15. Samantha K.

    Hey, thought you would all like to know that they sell Mexican Coke at Sam’s Club. At least here in Nevada they do! Here’s a link to the site:

    It’s only $19 for a case of 24 here in Reno. I’m sure it isn’t too much more anywhere else in lower 48 states. I agree, it is the best! Go get some and enjoy.

    Take care~ Samantha

    P.S.~ Justin Wright, thanks for the honest & humorous comparison above!

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  17. Holly

    I totally agree with your assessment! I can’t stand American Coke, but Mexican Coke is delicious!

    And, by the way, they sell it by the case-24 pack I believe- for about $19 at Costco. πŸ™‚ You’re welcome. Don’t drink ’em all in one day. haha

  18. BLP

    Peoples systems are only so tolerant of high fructose corn syrup, you can only process so much at a time. Many people like me can’t digest it properly especially on an empty stomach. At some point when you consume more than you can handle and it ends up in your lower intestine and colon it produces gas, bloating, pain, and even diarrhea. High fructose corn syrup definately gives me gas. Cane sugar does not.


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