September 10, 2009

Mexican Coke vs American Coke

mexican coke

One of the many things I’ve discovered since moving to Austin is Mexican Coke. Prior to moving here, I wouldn’t of had the slightest clue as to what it is. Now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Mexican Coke is super addicting and delicious and there’s just something about drinking out of the old school glass bottle that makes it more enjoyable.

So I’ve decided to have a battle between regular Coke and Mexican Coke. Here we go!

Round 1: Appearance

As the old saying goes, “appearance is everything.” Even when we’re talking about something as simple as cola. Lets take a closer look at the two different bottles and see which one wins:

american-cokeAmerican Coke

As you can see to the left, the American Coke looks like any Coke you would see at a gas station. It consists of a screw off plastic cap, a plastic label, and a paper (I think?) sticker known as the label.

There’s a bunch of crap on the label about entering codes on the internet to win like a billion dollars or something. Does anyone actually take the time to read the codes off the caps and enter them online? I sure don’t.

Other than that, we have some nutrition facts, bottle information, and that’s about it.

In terms of appearance, it’s not that appealing.

mexican-cokeMexican Coke

Now lets take a look at the Mexican Coke. As you can see, the Mexican Coke features a metal cap (it’s not even a screw off), as well as a SUPER thick glass bottle.

Apparently they don’t bother with the sweepstakes in Mexico, so the label is literally burned? etched? built right in to the glass. Kind of badass if you ask me.

It has far less information on it compared to the American bottle. The nutrition facts are actually on a sticker, which I’m assuming is added once it makes its way to the US.

Overall, this bottle kills the American Bottle.

1-0 Mexican Coke

Round 2: The Ingredients

In round two, we’re going to compare the ingredients. I know neither of them are healthy beverages but we’ll forget about that for now. Here’s a closer look at the ingredients of each one:

American Coke

Water, high-fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine.

Mexican Coke

Carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine.

As you can see, there’s only one key difference. The American Coke uses high fructose corn syrup, which is probably one of the worst things on the planet in terms of health. The Mexican Coke uses real cane sugar, which is at least natural.

2-0 Mexican Coke

Round 3: Taste Testing

Finally, time to taste the two and compare them:

American Coke

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a regular Coke so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I took a few sips and really focused on the flavor. For some reason, it tastes a lot more “fake” and has a chemical taste to it. The sweetness is more bitter and sort of reminds me of a diet Coke that uses artificial sweeteners.

Mexican Coke

Once I got done tasting the American Coke, I immediately tried some of the Mexican Coke. Wow does it taste better. It’s sweeter and has a less acidic/chemical taste to it. It tastes a lot more like a naturally sweet beverage such as juice.

3- 0 Mexican Coke

It’s Delicious

Well the Mexican Coke dominated this battle. I’ll continue to spend a $1.25 on the Mexican Coke in glass bottles knowing that the taste is far better than the American version.

FYI: You can now get Mexican Coke by the case on Amazon.

130 thoughts on “Mexican Coke vs American Coke

  1. Tony

    Are the United States and Canada the only places where bottlers use HFCS? I could swear the coke in glass bottles in Europe tastes the same as Mexican Coke, and the HFCS Coke that are sold in the U.S. in those little glass bottle (8 oz, I think) six-packs taste just as bad as all the other American Coke. While glass is best, I think the problem with U.S. Coke is mostly the HFCS.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hey Tony, not sure but I think US/Canada are the main users from HFCS. And yeah, the little glass bottles in the US are just regular Coke in different bottles (perhaps trying to trick people into thinking it’s the cane sugar version?).

      1. david

        up here in canada we don’t use high fructose corn syrup eh. we just stick to good old cane sugar like the mexicans do eh. i’ve never tried american coke, but i’ve heard the cane sugar is tops eh. oh canada!

  2. Craig

    I like Mexican Coke, and drink it frequently. I believe it tastes abit better as well, although the difference is, by no means, drastic. However, most of these assessments regarding high-fructose corn syrup are plain incorrect. Sugar is sugar. Corn sugar contains about the same amount of fructose as sugar, and is no less “natural” than cane sugar. And the body metabolizes HFCS the same as cane sugar – so any doc who recommends you replace HFCS with cane sugar is a quack. Lots and lots of misinfo on the webs.

    1. Aq904

      Corn sugar or H.F.C.S goes through several different refinements witch are chemical to get the resulting mix of glucose and fructose. Where as cane sugar, also known as sucrose is an organic compound, It doesn’t go through any enzymatic processing to turn glucose into fructose. Cane sugar has a natural balance of the two..Witch in turn is easier for the body to break down.

      1. Douglas J. De Clue

        I recently tried it and I am old enough to remember pre-“New Coke” and the days when US Coke was sweetened with sugar not HFCS and I’ve lived in a lot of places around the world where they don’t use the HFCS.

        I have to say the the HFCS sweetened coke has a sickly sweet nauseating effect on me and I just hate anything sweetened with it because it does not taste right. I hate it when restaraunts sweeten “sweet tea” with it too – same sickly over-sweet train wreck.

        Real cane sugar – accept no substitutes. I’d rather drink water than use artificial diet sweetners they are even worse than HCFS but I’ve gotten to where I avoid HCFS for the taste taking unsweet tea or water rather than drink that swill.

        I bought a dozen of the Coca Cola de Mexico bottles at Publix a few weeks ago and they are expensive ($1.39 a bottle) but man are they worth it. So much better than HCFS US coke.

    2. Shawn

      I agree with everything you said. Great info. I do still prefer the Mexican Coca-cola more though because to me it actually does taste better. I know this comment is old, sorry but I just stumbled apon it.

  3. Jennifer

    I am not a huge fan of coke, but a friend of mine had me try the Mexican version and it really does taste better. I wish they would make it more readily available in the States.

  4. Geza Bereczky jr.

    American Coke has a bubble gum flavor since they added Hi-fructose corn syrup. What they don’t tell you that Hi-fructose corn syrup is bad for your kidneys.
    Mexican Coke has Sugar. I know its cheaper to make corn syrup but come on the taste is even different I don’t drink American Coke anymore I only drink European Coke when I’m in Europe or Mexican Coke if I can find it. Shame on you Coca-cola. I hope your sales keep dropping just when you released COKE an then got wise and kept the original Coke.

  5. James Hollingsworth

    American Coke is still occasionally made the “right” way, with sugar. Jewish markets and delicatessens have it before and during the “Passover” Jewish holiday. “Passover” celebrates the Jews escape across the desert from slavery in Egypt during the reign of Ramses. While in the desert, they did not have any corn (and other stuff too) at that time of hardship. Jews today express solidarity with their brave ancestors by not eating those foods they didn’t have during the trek across the desert. And why not? If not for those ancestors, they wouldn’t be here today. HFCS is made by adding chemicals to corn starch to break it down into sugar. Is is truly disgusting stuff, and no one should drink it. I will not drink American Coke, and neither should you.

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  7. vinny

    Yeah other countries don’t pay people to grow corn like we do in the US, thus they don’t stick corn or (high fructose corn syrup) into everything. Cane sugar tasts allot better! Pepsi has the throwback line with Cane sugar, I love the Mountain Dew and there’s always Jones sodas too…but none of it can touch the Mexican Coke and Fanta I think they just dump a bag of sugar in it’s amazing.

  8. Shelleyanne

    Walmart sells the bottles of Mexican Coke for just 98 cents each here in FL! Just bought a bunch tonight, woo hoo! šŸ™‚

  9. Tony

    I just heard about this on TV and came across your post. I live in Canada and I’ve always thought our Coke tasted better than American Coke. Now I know at least partially why. Our ingredients list: carbonated water, sugar/glucose-fructose, caramel colour, phosphoric acid, natural flavour, caffeine.

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  11. Daniel

    The biggest difference to me is I have 1 bottle of Mexican Coke and I’m satisfied. If I have a 12oz. US Coke, I’m not satisfied afterwards. From a report I saw awhile back, the report stated HFCS doesn’t send a signal to your body (in the same way sugar does) that you have had enough and you crave more because it tastes so good.

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  13. lr

    check snopes, coke is still made with coca leaves, but they’re “decocanated” by a company in new jersey (which also produces medical grade cocaine, as it is not a schedule 1 drug).

    but the leaves used in mexican coke are not coming through new jersey first… coke has said that the recipe varies from nation to nation.

    I’ve noticed that mexican coke has varying levels of carbonation, varying flavors, and some bottles are just more full than others. could they have varying levels of cocaine, unlike the much more standardized american coke?

    mexi coke gives you a fix that american coke can’t? yeah… sure… it’s the sugar….

    1. Douglas J. De Clue

      Es la verdad?

      That’s funny stuff… I don’t think they can put cocaine in it any more even in Mexico. If so I guess I’m going to go do a line of “Coke” by pouring it on the kitchen counter and slurping it up with a straw.

  14. Indy Krumins

    Apart from HFCS, which does makes a difference, but it isn’t the whole “enchilada” (no pun intended). For one, did you know that regular (American) Coke has 30 milligrams of SODIUM for every 12 ounces (oz) of beverage ??? Yes … SODIUM …. that’s SALT !!! Coca Cola Co. ain’t stupid !! If they make a can of Coke so that it tastes good BUT in so doing they can slip in 30 mg of salt, they’re subliminally making you more thirsty ! And guess what you’ll reach for if you’ve just had a great-tasting Coke and you’re still thirsty !! Then there’s all the other items that go into “other natural flavors” and “other artificial colors and flavors”. They don’t list them but even nanograms of some of this stuff might do weird things to your brain receptors. Finally, of course, what’s already been mentioned before, the coca leaves are processed waaaaay differently in the Mexican (and other country) versions than the American version, therefore making the Mex stuff addictive in a “different” kind of way !! šŸ™‚

  15. Sarah

    Wow! It is like the way Coke was made in the ‘old’ days. I wonder why Coke has a different recipe in the US? Hmmmmm….. I wonder if McDonalds Happy Meals still have small fries not itty bitty tiny fries and cola beverages are served in bottles larger then 16 oz?

  16. Jef

    We get coke in glass bottles in Australia and we only use sugar cane, as it is plentiful here. When I went to the states, I couldn’t drink it. In fact most of your soft drinks taste bad to me.

  17. Shawn

    I am a huge Coca-Cola fan and I regularly get the 24pks of American Coke but I do prefer the Cokes made in Mexico & to me the Mexican Coke does taste a bit better. It is just cheaper to get a 24pk of canned Coke versus the Glass bottled 12oz. Mexican Coke. I hear people say it cost $1.25 for their Mexican Coca-Cola but I go to my local Kroger grocery store and/or Marsh supermarket and get mine for $1.00, so if you want to get them cheaper than $1.25 then I suggest shopping around. I actually drank a 12yr old bottled Coke (American) and it tasted just a bit different, still had lite carbonation and was pretty cool, I do know (from reading up on Coke &experience that

  18. Shawn

    (Continued from my last comment) Coke in a Glass bottle will last for several years if kept away from light, major temo fluctuations, & taken care of. Coke in a plastic bottle I’m not 100% on ao I will not speak on that. Cans last for about 6 months max. I have 1 bottle of my beloved Mexican Coke and it’s the fullest bottle I’ve ever gotten, weird but before I buy one I always make sure I get the one with the most Coke in it, the one I have the Coke is roughly an inch from hathe top of the bottle. Coke is so much better than Pepsi

  19. Shawn

    Hi! My name is Shawn and I’m a Cokeaholic…… it is true though. And I’m dang proud of it. Coca-Cola is tge greatest drink on earth. Pepsi cannot compare to Coca-Cola. Just compare the Coca-Cola (Facebook “Likes”) to the. Pepsi (Facebook “Likes”). Coca-cola 4Life. Peace everyone and enjoy life to the fullest. Thanks for listening to my rant.

  20. Liz Larraga

    When Pepsi brought the Pepsi Challenge to Mexico some people were offended, like, How dare you messing with the coca? My mom was one of them.


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