July 16, 2009

The Most Interesting Academy

Welcome Falkenstein Castle

Last night I attended the Most Interesting Academy party, which was hosted by Dos Equis. It was a place to learn and try awesome things in hopes of making us “more interesting.” The only downside was the fact that the actual guy from the Dos Equis commercials was not there. Damn it.

The event was completely FREE! Free beer, free food, and free transportation. Nothing beat’s that. I probably slugged down about 15 beers in the 4 hours I was there, plus a half dozen sliders and a grasshopper (read below).

What made the party even more amazing was where it took place…

The Falkenstein Castle

The party took place at the Falkenstein Castle, which is located in Burnet, Texas. It’s a castle that’s located in the middle of nowhere. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be judging from some of the pictures.

Here’s a few pictures taken outside of the castle:

Falkenstein Castle Outside

Falkenstein Castle

Pretty cool looking huh? I must say it was the first time I ever attended a party at a castle. The inside was also pretty cool looking. Here’s a picture of “The Most Interesting Man in the World” hanging up inside the castle:

Most Interesting Man in the World

I totally want that picture for my living room. It was like 6 feet tall and would take up the whole wall.

The Activities

So what was there to do at the party? The answer was a whole bunch of random stuff. Eating and drinking were the main events of course. But they also had a wind tunnel, a live band, and a salon to get your hair styled and cut.

My favorite part of the party was the bug eating station. Check out what they were serving at this party:
Bug Food

Looks pretty normal right? Let’s take a closer look:

Eat Bugs

Yep those are bugs. Not sure what kind but they had all sorts of different ones. My girlfriend tried the grasshopper tacos as well as a scorpion. I settled on eating a grasshopper with an Oreo. It was actually pretty good.

I’m More Interesting Now

Overall, the party was a fun event. I had fun trying some new stuff and drinking free beer. I hope to find more free parties like this because it sure feels nice knowing you spent absolutely nothing.

6 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Academy

  1. CouchSurfingOri

    Oh however did you find out about such an exclusive event? 🙂
    I really like your positive focus on the event. I’m gonna play the bad-cop: It was frigging hot! There were huge lines! And… they are discriminatory of fat people… as is proven by their Bungee station having a weight limit of 165 pounds. I didn’t know they had scorpions at the eating station.. would’ve loved to have gotten some of those. The bugs were pretty good. The falconry, and Bear Grylls that were promoted were not to be found.. I suspect they were at the VIP party area, which I did not know existed, or I would’ve gotten us all in there… probably played the Tito’s card (Titos has in fact shipped off a few cases for the event). It was great seeing you there, and finally meeting your lovely girl.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      My whole day has been filled with negativity regarding internet service providers so I decided to write in a positive mood. Hoping it would cheer me up a bit 🙂

  2. Indiana

    Yay! You got in, too! I made it out on bus #3 and had an amazing time. The orea grasshopper tasted like a salty peanut.

    Thanks for the positive story.


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