April 19, 2015

Mount St. Helens: April 2015 Conditions

The weather was warm and sunny up on Mount St. Helens this weekend. The other good news is some new snow came in since I posted on the March 2015 conditions. Here is a nice comparison of the snow conditions this weekend (4/18/15) compared to last month:

Mt. St. Helens 2015 Conditions Comparison

The first patch of snow on the Worm Flows route was seen at 3,900 feet and the snow line is around 4,800 feet. I was able to start climbing on the snow around 5,000 feet and pretty much stayed in the snow all the way to the crater. I had an avalanche probe with me and was curious to see how much snow was at the crater rim. The snow depth was between 5 and 6 feet.

I did not need crampons or snowshoes but a few people were using them at higher elevations. It is already getting pretty hot up there so bring plenty of water.

Additional April 18th, 2015 Photos

St Helens Crater Rim - April 2015

Snow looking up

USGS Station Snow Conditions

Mt St. Helens April 2015

2 thoughts on “Mount St. Helens: April 2015 Conditions

  1. Lyle Such

    Hey Justin,

    I’m coming up from Southern California to hike the Worm Flows route on May 25th. I stumbled across your site, you’ve already answered a lot of my questions about Mt. St. Helens just from your snow comparison pics. I just wanted to ask your opinion on whether you think crampons/axes are necessary. The March to April comparison pic makes me think there might be a lot of snow now. We’re somewhat experienced with glacier climbs and snow trekking, but don’t see all that much of it (living in a desert) so we want to make sure we are prepared. Thanks for your help and all your information!!


    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hey Lyle, good luck with your Mt. St. Helens climb! As far as the snow goes, we did get a little new snow since March but not much. The overall snow levels are still really low for this time of year. The summer route opened last weekend which is the earliest I’ve seen it open (typically mid-June). If you plan on glissading at all it might be a good idea to bring an ice axe along. I carried mine up last weekend and in April but never used it. I’ve carried crampons up a few times but have yet to use them on St. Helens. Some people do wear them but there is usually a pretty good boot pack this time of year. The only time I carry them is if the nighttime temperatures are expected to drop below freezing. Hope that helps!


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