Moved To A New Server

Last night, I finished moving my blog over to a new server. Everything should now be complete and there should be no issues (I hope).

Why The Move?

Over the last two years, my blog has been hosted on a GoDaddy shared server. It worked great in the beginning but it’s been getting slower as each week goes by. It’s most likely from having more daily visitors, using more images, and adding more and more posts.

Luckily, my blog should now be loading MUCH faster, which is great for all of us. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you notice the speed difference (or any issues).

7 thoughts on “Moved To A New Server

  1. Jim Gaudet

    Have you though about a CDN for your CSS, JS and Images…I am using Amazon’s S3 service and it is great. My first months bill was 11c, but I will let you know how it “grows”…

    Over time I will let you know about the speed, but for now it seems good.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hmm No I haven’t thought about that. Didn’t even know something like that was possible. I would definitely be curious to know if your bill goes up or not. If not, that’s a steal!

    2. Adam

      Hmmm, I wonder what the effect on SEO is hosting your images off-site. Would assume you’d lose any Google images traffic or at least see a decrease?

      1. Jim Gaudet

        I did think of that and this was my solution. I will upload the full version of the file onto my server and I will server a smaller version on the blog which is hosted on the CDN.

        So, in Google Images you will get the small version, come to the site and click on the photo which is on my site. The CDN version is on sourced away from my site but the code for the file is still on my domain. The ALT text and filename, etc. So the SERPs in Google Images are linking to my site.

        I have this tested and working. My Why Costa Rica post gets 150 hits a day from Google Images. If you look at the post you will see the picture that everyone clicks on, it’s obvious. I have the picture that is on my post with a src to CDN and if you click it, it’s on my site. I haven’t lost any traffic..

        1. Adam Pieniazek

          An irresistible click. Nice photo!

          That’s an interesting method Jim, though I tried searching for that image based on alt tag and keywords in the filename but no dice. It did come up searching for Why Costa Rica but no dice on the image specifics…hmm…gonna have to do a bit more research before I start using a CDN.

          1. Jim Gaudet

            Yeah, I will keep you up to date. I have to check to see where my visitors are coming from. I haven’t found a good tool to test SERP’s from different states and I am sure that we see different results based on IP.

            I am going to run a test, I will take one of my posts that has traffic and test working with the alt tags. It will be interesting.

            With local search I think I am sometimes on the front page and sometimes not. If you go to google images and just search for Costa Rica, will you see anything from me? For me I see it 2 to 3 times a week, it comes and goes. But always this post and this photo.

            Also, on the front page of Maholo/costa-rica they have list of photos that they get from G/Flickr and I have been on that page too, getting clicks. So I am not sure why that photo ranks for Costa Rica, but I like it.

            Do you know of any tools to check SERP’s from other states? I try proxies, but really don’t have enough…

  2. Carla

    I will be moving my Green and Chic blog to a new server very soon too for security reasons. I don’t think I never noticed your blog being slow, but its pretty fast now!


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