May 5, 2009

Moving To Austin In A Few Weeks


(Photo by Velo Steve)

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty quiet around here for the last week or so. The reason is because I have been swamped with getting ready to make the move to Austin, Texas. The plan is to leave on the 28th and it is rapidly coming up. It seems like this month is going to fly right by.

Anyways, my apartment is starting to look like the picture above. I always seem to forget how many little things are involved when it comes to moving. Packing up your belongings is the only the beginning. For example, here are a few things I have done this week already:

  • Sign Up For Internet Service (And Cancel The Old One)
  • Get Renters Insurance
  • Setup A Utilities Account
  • Change My Health Insurance Plan
  • Forward My Mail
  • Change My Address on 200 Different Websites (Give or Take lol)

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to do yet. On a good note, we did get the apartment we wanted which is going to be a very short walk from downtown. It’s also on the river so I plan on getting involved in kayaking once we get there.

Besides getting ready for the move, I have also been doing as much work as I can as both a web designer and a blog consultant. It’s really nice to know that my job is going to make the move with me. It sure beats moving somewhere with absolutely no income what so ever.

Looking Ahead

I plan to squeeze in a few more posts before I leave, so keep an eye out for them. Once I make the move, I will be writing A TON of posts as I start to explore Austin and check out new places. I also have a trip planned to Dallas in June to attend the WordCamp event there, so I plan to take notes so I can share anything I learn there with all of you.

I am also going to resume Digital Nomad Radio starting in June. It sort of got put on hold but I really like doing it and I heard a lot of good feedback about the show. I’ll even have an awesome intro when the next episode goes live so keep an eye out for that.

PS. If you’re a blogger and would like to do a guest post over the next few weeks, feel free to email me. You will get a backlink to your own blog(s) so it’s a great way to reach a new audience.

3 thoughts on “Moving To Austin In A Few Weeks

  1. Adam

    Good luck on the move. Might come visit ya’ll when ya get settled in Austin. It’s the one place in Texas I’ve always wanted to check out. Got a few buds who live down there too. Seems like a cool city.


    I was always confused why anyone would ever want to live in Austin Texas. I guess it’s warm weather and lakes that make all the difference. I’m sure there is some cultural advantages, or so I here.


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