November 25, 2008

Mustaches For Kids in Phoenix

Today I have some big news. I mentioned last Thursday that I started growing a mustache and now is the time to explain it. That’s right, from last Thursday until December 18th, I will by growing what will no doubt be a  creepy looking mustache. It’s only been five days and it already looks creepy…

Why The Mustache?

The holiday season is here and there is no better way to start it off than by giving to those in need. Therefore, I decided to join Mustaches for Kids to help support schools around the Phoenix area. Schools are in need of money to provide students with the education experiences they deserve. By giving a donation, you help us fund one of the projects that we have selected to raise money for.

In order to justify this endeavor I need your support. I am asking for you to sponsor my mustache by making a contribution to for $1 per day of my mustache growth (or a one time donation of your choosing). This donation will go directly to local low-income classroom projects here in Phoenix.

You can visit the donation page at to make a donation and chart the progress of my journey. I have also placed a widget on my sidebar that will be replacing my Adsense ads for the duration of this experiment.

I will be having a weekly feature on my blog, which I will showcase my mustache growth. I also plan on making a few videos sporting this so-called mustache.

What Are The Rules?

Here are a shortened version of the bylaws from the Mustaches for Kids website:

1. On the designated Clean Shaven Day, participants (Growers) will shave their faces clean of any and all facial hair.

2. For the duration of one month (4 weeks) sweet Mustaches will be grown for the world to behold.

3. The Mustache must only stretch from one corner of your mouth to the other corner. No Edwardian tapers. No Rollie Fingers handlebars. Just corner to corner conformity.

4. No Hitler Mustaches are allowed.

5. The use of growth hormones and coloring agents is not condoned or sanctioned by Mustaches for Kids.

6. Though the Mustache Checkpoints are not mandatory – Mustaches for Kids believes in the Honor System.

7. With such burgeoning Mustaches firmly in place, fundraising should be a walk in the park. The minimum Pledge Goal for each Grower should be $50.00 for the designated charity, but in no way should anyone be discouraged from participating in the contest because he doesn’t think he can make the Pledge Goal.

8. While Mustaches for Kids does not endorse trash-talking or making disparaging comments of any kind about another Grower’s Mustache, there are a number of unsubstantiated medical theories that Mustache Abuse stimulates follicle growth.

9. When all is said and done, a Mustache Competition will be held, at which a panel of judges will select the Sweetest ‘Stache, using a complicated, and very scientific, set of criteria; Mustaches will be judged solely on these standards.

10. While the Growing Season will end after four weeks, there is no deadline for fundraising.

11. Finally, while merchandising is encouraged, please do not violate any local, state, or national statutes. For example, sales tax regulations may apply. And all profits must be donated as well.

12. Good luck and good growing.

Now I Need Your Help

In order to make this successful, I need your help. Even a donation of five dollars will go alone way. Some of the projects listed on my donations page are almost finished, we just need a little more money. Also, any of the projects that list the 2X logo will actually match your donation amount so it actually counts as double.

If you do not want to make a donation, you can still help by sharing this post. This whole event is done through word-of-mouth, so the more people that hear about it the better. So please, send it your friends, write about it, or simply Stumble it. It will all help the cause.

Thank you for supporting the children of Phoenix, your donations are going to make a huge difference!

PS. Here is the donation link one last time:

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  1. Justin Post author

    @ Michael: Thanks a lot for donating! We’re up to 4 people now. Now if only I could get about 200 more people to donate 5 dollars…

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