My 25 Seconds of Radio Fame

I Plugged My YouTube Video on the Radio

Last night on the way home from work I was listening to KSLX 100.7. It’s a classic rock station here in Phoenix. Anyways, the guy was talking about his brother-in-law sandbagging it at his job in hopes of getting fired to collect unemployment. I thought it was hilarious since I have contemplated the same thing for some time now. He then asked the question:

Is Anyone Else Out There Tying to Get Fired?

And that’s when it hit me. The perfect opportunity to call in and try and get on the radio. I tried calling about 5 times and got nothing but a ringing phone. Luckily, on the 6th try the guy answered and asked what I have been doing to get fired.

Where Do I Start?

I told him I have been trying to get fired since I started my job in December. I had even written some blog posts about it, including the 5 things I have tried to get fired post. And let’s not forget the Personal Evaluation I posted.

I also unleashed my idea for the Bathroom Stall Hammock. He thought the idea was hilarious since he’s probably never heard of the idea. If you Google Bathroom Stall Hammock once, I pretty much own the top 10 haha. I must be different…

And Then the Moment Came

After I hung up I figured I didn’t get on the radio. But I was wishing it would come on so I kept the station on just in case. Three minutes later, I am listening to myself talk about my Bathroom Stall Hammock YouTube video on the radio.

It was really cool to get on a large station here in Phoenix. I think I need to start calling in more often so I can start plugging more of my blog posts. It sure can’t hurt for traffic.

PS. Watch out tomorrow for a post so good, you’ll owe me money if you miss it.

9 thoughts on “My 25 Seconds of Radio Fame

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Congratulations Justin! Way to be radio famous, though isn’t that a downgrade from internet famous?

    Guess not since everyone can’t just go get on the radio…

    I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about taking internet marketing out into the “real world” and have a few good ideas for some videos and whatnot. For instance, one would be pop up ads in real life…basically sneak up on people and surprise them with a big ad board while they’re waiting in line for coffee, stuck at a red light, on the train or bus, etc.

  2. Justin Post author

    LOL yeah I think now days it is actually a downgrade of internet famous. But hey, I will still take it.

    I think that is a great idea to take it out in to the real world. Why settle for the internet when we could grab traffic from other sources. There are still people out there (few and far between) that do not use the internet or computers.

    I can just imagine it, waiting at the bus stop and out of no where..Bammm! Check out this site. Haha

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