My Apple iPhone Stopped Working!

I am sad to say it, but my Apple iPhone has officially become unusable. I am pretty pissed that my $500 phone lasted only 10 months. I am really hoping to get a replacement since it is still covered under Apple’s one year warranty.

So What Happened?

Last Tuesday, while I was on vacation the bottom half inch of the screen stopped working. It did not bother me at first, until I realized I could no longer use the space bar when typing.

Have you ever tried sending a text message with no space bar? It does not work very well. Not to mention the special character button would not work either. No more periods, question marks, or any other symbols for that matter.

Restore: The Fix?

I read some technology forums and it seems a lot of people have suffered from the same problem happening to the iPhone. One of the forums had a fix that said it was a software issue and that a restore may work, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

So I tried the restore and of course… it didn’t work. I still did not have a working space bar. And worst of all, it deleted all of my songs and contacts. So I did not have anyone’s number while on vacation and did not have any songs to listen to on the airplane ride back to phoenix. Grrr!!

And Then Things Got Worse!

As of Saturday, the entire bottom half of the screen no longer works. This basically made the phone useless since I cannot do hardly anything with it.

I can see when people call me, but I cannot answer it since the answer button is on the bottom half of the screen. The keyboard no longer works at all so text messaging is not even an option anymore.

Luckily, I found a small work around that at least allows me to dial out. If someone sends me a text message, I can still hit the call button at the top of the conversation. So it is possible to call people if they send me a message first hand.

But it does not really help me since I can not get a hold of anyone to tell them to text message me in the first place.

Apple Store Here I Come…

So at this point, I am ready to barge in to the Apple store here in Phoenix and see what is up with this thing. I am really hoping to get a replacement of some kind. I just hope they don’t make me wait to get a new phone in the mail.

I will keep everyone posted and let you know how this whole thing works out. Please feel free to comment if you have the Apple iPhone and have had any problems with it.

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32 thoughts on “My Apple iPhone Stopped Working!

  1. kathy

    I’m really upset today.when I attached my iphone2G to my pc via USB suddenly iphone stopped workin,I dont know what to do now????plz help

  2. mike

    I have an Iphone 3gs {3 months old} and it completely crapped out, the screen just went black with lines thru it and then nothing at all. These phones are JUNK!!!!!!

    1. Amy

      I just had this problem with my HTC smartphone. My service provider couldn’t fix it (of course) but I found an extremely inexpensive fix on one of the online forums. You’ll never guess what worked. Scotch Tape. Yep. You press a piece of tape firmly across the screen in the non-responsive spots in the screen and then rip it off gently, but firmly. It lifts the screen up just enough to unlock it from sensors underneath (or something like that – I’m no techie). And it all makes sense now — I keep my phone in an outside pocket of my purse along with a thumb drive that I imagine was probably pressing up against the screen for long periods of time. – Hope this is helpful and works for anyone else who stumbles onto this blog with the same problem. :)

  3. cody

    my phone has the same problem, everytime i drop it the bottom half stops working. i bring it into my buddy who fixes phones, and he takes it apart and reconnects the screen to the phone and it works after that…. until i drop it again. look into having someone reconnect your screen!


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