January 9, 2009

My New Transportation

A few weeks ago, I finally managed to sell my Chevy Cobalt. Since then, I have been looking for a new way of getting around. Originally, I picked up a set of rollerblades. However, it’s not that easy getting around town on rollerblades.

A New Bike

So instead, I decided to buy a new bicycle. Check it out:

I’ve been looking at bikes for about a month now before I finally pulled the trigger and bought one yesterday. Performance Bike has a huge sale going on right now on their 2008 models and it’s a good time to buy a bike. The bike I got is a Scattante Roma, which was originally an $800 bike and I managed to get it for half that.

I used to be a huge cyclist when I lived in Wisconsin and have done rides over 50 miles before. I had a road bike and mountain bike at home and really liked my road bike because it was so much faster. However, it was a little uncomfortable for normal day to day riding.

Therefore, I decided to go with a straight bar road bike because it still feels a little like a mountain bike but with all the benefits of a road bike. I’m really excited to hop on this thing today and tomorrow and give it a good ride. I haven’t ridden a bicyle since I lived in Honolulu so it’s been awhile.

So look forward to some pictures from some of my rides in the near future!

15 thoughts on “My New Transportation

  1. LisaNewton

    Great bike. I’m a big fan of Preformance Bikes, too. I bought my bike online, had it delivered to the store, and picked it up. When the gears weren’t working correctly, I took it back and they fixed it. No fuss, no muss.

    Now, I’m regularly commuting on my bike, plus it’s my favorite mode of transportation when I need to do a lot of short jounts in small places.

  2. Neil | Bartul

    Cool. I’ve been looking to get a bike myself for those short trips. Am currently checking out folding bikes though, since I want to be able to take mine on the train, or up a building, if needed. 🙂

  3. Billy

    A bike is a must these days. It’s not only a bike. It is a great investment, both in your health and for future savings. It is not necessary to run your car if you have to go somewhere. Having a bike is a great thing. All our family members have similar type of bikes and they love it…



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