My Two Week Notice…

The Time Has Finally Come

Well everyone, I have finally dropped the bomb and have given my two week notice. This has been long overdue, dating back to when I first started sometime in December. If you are new to my blog, my post Office Jobs: The Tipping Point from way back in April sums up my feelings on office jobs in the best way.

It has been a long ride, with a lot of ups and downs. A lot of my best posts were written as a result of my job. I am surprised I stuck with it this long, but in a way I am glad I did. It made me realize that I can stick to anything as long as I try and stay positive (although it was REALLY hard as some points).

Where Do I Go From Here?

So the real question is what am I going to do now? My answer is give full-time blogging a go. I have tried hard in the past, but I have never hopped into it and given 100% of my time to actually making something happen. I now have the motivation to do it and make the best of it.

My dream job has always been to work on the internet, travel, and take photography. I love writing, web-design, and learning more and more about technology. I have never enjoyed sitting in a cubicle 8 – 5, I actually hate it with a passion.

I am also a night person, that loves working til the wee hours of the AM and my job never allowed that. I hate getting up to the sound of an alarm clock so much I once wrote a post on the guy that invented it.

So I have finally gone out on my own and have decided it is time to make some things happen! If I don’t give it a try now, I may never do it.

So stick around, the Life of Justin just got a whole lot more exciting.

PS. I might do something crazy to celebrate…look for a new post if I do

28 thoughts on “My Two Week Notice…

  1. Knife Wife

    I remember when I walked away from my career about eight years ago. I can honestly say that I have not had a single nanosecond of regret. I had to work a two month notice though!

  2. Grace | personal cook

    I had to post a comment after reading your post. Congratulations! I felt the exact same way three years ago and I have also left my cubicle. It hasn’t always been an easy road for me. Now I find myself in a home cubicle instead. I’m hoping and praying I can really break free a couple of years from now…

  3. sari

    Congrats Justin…and i know this is way too late. I stumbled upon your web yesterday when i google for…well…probably something + boring..bla..bla.
    Good for you. I did the same 3 years ago but didnt work for me. I am now back in the cubicle. Again, my situation is totally different. Have family to take care and love…and love is damn expensive nowdays (not that I am complaining…love my kids).
    Will definitely follow your blog…keep writing.


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