The Natural Foods Diet

Thinking about switching to a healthy, natural diet free of unprocessed foods? If so, this series is for you. Below are the three sections of my natural foods diet series where I share my reasoning behind the real food diet, what I consider to be “real food,” as well as some tips to help make the transition easier for you.

The Importance of Natural Foods

Natural Foods Diet

In the first post of the series, I talk about how I have finally managed to make the switch to an all natural diet that consists of “real food.” When it comes to eating healthy, it has been one of my main goals since I graduated high school. It all started when I wanted to bulk up and gain some weight and has since become part of my daily life.

What Are Real Foods?

Natural Foods Diet

In this part of the series, I give you an overview of what I consider to be “real food.” It can be tough to differentiate so it’s worth reading. I also cover some of the most common foods I consume on a daily basis, so you can get a good understanding of what types of food you can eat.

Switching to a Natural Foods Diet

In the final part of my series, I share my experience with switching over to the diet. There is a transition phase just like any other diet so it is important to take it slow. I also share a few tips to help you make the switch, as well as the results I have experienced from eating real food.