New Years 2008 at the Fiesta Bowl Block Party

Well, it is officially 2008! And New Years Eve was a great kickoff to the new year. I went to the Fiesta Bowl Block Party in Tempe and celebrated with 100,000 people. The Barenaked Ladies performed by Tempe Town Lake and it was a great show. There was a ton of people everywhere and it was exciting. There was also a great fireworks display at midnight but I kind of missed it ;).

But anyways, the main thing is the new year has begun. 2008 is going to be the best year of my life so its time to start making some changes and setting some resolutions. There is a lot in store for this year and a lot of things are happening real soon. A few friends are visiting over the next few weeks. This all leading up to the Super Bowl in the beginning of February, which I am hopefully going to attend. The week following the Super Bowl is going to be a road trip to Las Vegas to meet up with my parents for a night or two. I also have a road trip to check out Los Angeles and Hollywood in the near future (still thinking about maybe moving to California but who knows).

So stick around, this blog will definitly be getting interesting as the year moves on…

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