News From the Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I managed to get drunk, watch football, rip my blog theme apart, and completely rebuild most of it from the beginning up. I guess it was a pretty constructive weekend…

What’s New With the Theme?

Believe it or not, the entire theme itself is different. After hours on end of looking at php and css code, I managed to make it look VERY close to the old theme.

The first major difference is that the sidebar has been cleaned up and simplified. I wanted to incorporate a E-mail form so people can subscribe to receive updates, tips, and awesome information about anything I can think of. I even squeezed in links to all of my social network profiles.

I also added some new features to the homepage such as the Popular Posts section at the top. I wanted a way to showcase some of my best posts at the top along with some awesome pictures.

And last but not least, I incorporated Gravatar images into the comments along with the updated version of CommuntLuv. Now leaving a comment is even better.

New Review Site Launching Today

Today is September 29th, the official launch of Only The Internet’s Best Reviews. It is a new review site that promises to be different than the other ones out there. As far as what the site will review, here is a quote from the website:

Well, to answer the first question, we will review everything. No product, person, or place will be spared. It may take forever but hey, we’re determined!

Sounds pretty promising to me. Check out a screen shot I just took of the website:

So hop on over to Only The Internet’s Best Reviews and take a look around. It is the perfect way to kill a good hour or two while you are still deciding what you plan to do with your workday.

Plans For The Future

I also spent some time this weekend coming up with some future plans for Life of Justin. Now that I have given my notice and will be done with my office job soon, it is time to step it up. I will finally have some time to give this thing a real good run. I plan to travel more, share more stories and tips, and start video blogging more often.

I am also thinking of creating a small side story, “Life After the Cubicle,” where I blog about life after quitting my normal job. I will share my experience with freelancing, making money online, and using a blog to find gigs you never thought existed.

So stay tuned, there is plenty ahead!

6 thoughts on “News From the Weekend

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    New theme looks good. Very sleek and streamlined. Did not notice the social network links until you mentioned them! They’re quite tucked in there.

    Nice shout-out to OTIBR. A good first day so far.

  2. Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog

    I’m really liking your theme. I will be even more impressed if you tell me you made this theme while you were drunk, now that would be impressive.

    Oh, and I clicked some of your Google ads as well. I only click ads on blogs that I really like, I like your blog.

  3. Justin Post author

    @ Dwayne

    Thanks for checking out my blog (and for the clicks). I edited this theme a little drunk, which is why it probably took me so long to get everything figured out…

  4. Justin Post author

    @ Hawaii Exotic Girls

    I wanted the theme to stay similar but wanted the extra features that this one offers for the homepage. It also has a cool subnav bar that lets you break up your posts by categories so it’s easier to read.

  5. Justin Post author

    @ Danny

    That’s a good question. I might be able to put something together in the future. I’ve been wanting to make an eBook or a real one for some time now. Just a matter of finding time to write. Luckily that time is coming soon : )


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