Office Jobs: The Tipping Point

I think the point has almost come where I have had enough with the office jobs. I cannot stand sitting in cubicles pretending to be busy all day. I hate the fact I get paid for the time I spend here, rather than the amount of productivity I provide.

I swear, some weeks I do 40 hours of work and others I do 5. Either way I have to sit here for a minimum of 40 hours just to get a full paycheck. Not exactly the ideal work situation.

Now I know a lot of people may say I wish I had a job like this, which is fine. But honestly, I feel like I am wasting my life away by sitting here bored all day thinking of things I would rather be doing and places I would rather be. Everyone says you only get one shot at life, so why should I spend mine this way.

Sure It Pays Well

I know the job may pay more than other jobs, but I am not a money driven person my any means. Matter of fact, I am sick of the whole rat race. It seems like people here in America keep trying harder and harder to make more money so they can accumulate more stuff they don’t even need.

I barely own anything since I move so often, but I still feel like I own a lot of stuff I don’t need. Things like televisions and cable boxes are something I never need. I barely watch TV, so why have one. I am perfectly happy with the two suitcases I moved out to Hawaii with. A few sets of clothes, my MacBook, and a few other essentials. So in the next few months, I plan to sell more of my stuff. The only tough thing is going to be the car, which I only bought so I could commute to work with.

Time To Say Goodbye

So at some point in the very near future, I am going to kiss this “perfect” job away as some would say. I would rather work a job I enjoy and just be happy with what I have. The only stress in my life is caused by the combination of getting up early, commuting to work, sitting at work, and commuting home from work. Other than that, I am a very outgoing and happy person.

Back in college, I was broke almost the entire time. But you know what, I was never stressed out about anything, not even money. I used to give plasma just to have some beer money to go party with my friends. I lived off of oatmeal and rice and am willing to do it again if necessary. So obviously money is not the problem, but the fact I spend so much of my waking hours at a job that I have no motivation to perform well at.

I Don’t Even Want To Be Promoted

What is even worse about this job is when I look at the people of above me and realize I wouldn’t even want their position. So if you do not even want to move up to your supervisors position, why stick around? I never want to get a promotion or I’ll probably go even more crazy.

I am not real sure exactly what type of job I am looking for just yet. I would like to work outside that is for sure. Maybe a surf stand or cleaning boats or windows, who knows, just anything outside of an office. I used to do freelance work and loved it since I could set my own hours and wages. I also enjoy writing and hope to make some income off of this blog at some point.

Update – 12/7/2012
It’s been more than 4 years since I wrote this post, thought now would be a good time to post a quick update. First off, I am still amazed by how many people have commented on this post! Over the past 4 years I’ve been self-employed as a web developer. It’s been fun and I have learned a ton about myself as well as business. Believe it or not I sometimes miss working in the office and having co-workers to mingle with. I’ve realized that I really disliked technical support as a career, which is why I hated my job so much. However, I do enjoy computer programming because it allows you to be more creative when finding solutions to difficult problems.

Update – 3/5/2014
Wow, it’s almost the 5 year anniversary of writing this post!. I just want to say thanks to everyone that keeps commenting, it’s really interesting to read what other people are feeling. If anyone is interested, I decided to go back to school a little over a year ago to pursue a new career field that allows me to work outdoors. So far I am really enjoying it. I think the key is to keep trying new things until you eventually find something you enjoy doing.

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429 thoughts on “Office Jobs: The Tipping Point

  1. Jesse

    I’m absolutely loving these comments! Some of these remarks hit close to home! I have a pretty typical office job, but it differs from most in that I have more freedom to leave and come back as is required. But even with this flexibility, I feel trapped and isolated. I work as an arts and entertainment reporter for a small newspaper in western North Carolina. I spend most of my days calling different people so I can write stories that I couldn’t care less about and I’m fairly confident my readers feel the same.
    Even worse, if you stay at the same newspaper for more than a year, you will begin to write about the same things repeatedly… If i have to write one more story about some old man that predicts the weather by counting beans and looking for black squirrels, I’m going to break!


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