May 25, 2009

P90X: Week 1 Recap

My first week of the P90X program is officially in the books. I can honestly say it was one of the most intense weeks of workouts I have done in my life. It sort of reminded me of football practice back in high school. My entire body felt sore at some point throughout the week. I had sore muscles that I didn’t even know I had.

For all those who are thinking about doing this program, I highly recommend it. Here is a breakdown of the first seven days and what you can expect from the program. I also included the soreness level for the day after on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the most sore.

Day 1: Chest & Back

The P90X program starts out with a bang. The chest and back workout forces you to do a bunch of push-ups and pull-ups with a ton of variations. I barely made it through the workout and felt super pumped up (and exhausted) by the time it was done. I was sweating more than I have in the last 6 months of workouts combined.

My first thought was I hope everyday isn’t like this…

Soreness the day after: 6/10

Day 2: Plyometrics

Just when I thought the first day had to be the hardest, this workout comes up. The plyometrics DVD basically has you jump for 60 minutes straight. I was sweating twice as much as the first day and could barely stand up when I finally finished.

The next morning, I could barely get out of bed. My quads were on fire along with my hamstrings, calves, and every other part of my body.

Soreness the day after: 10/10

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

The shoulders and arms workout was the first one that I didn’t feel completely exhausted at the end. It goes through and has you do a bunch of different shoulder and arm exercises using dumbbells (or bands). However, it was much more intense than the old shoulder routine I was doing in the gym. I really enjoyed this DVD and all the different exercises involved in it.

Soreness the day after: 3/10

Day 4: Yoga

As soon as I saw yoga on the agenda, I figured day 4 would be an easy off day to stretch and get ready for the rest of the week. Wow was I wrong! Instead, I got my ass kicked for an hour and a half and could barely move. This is some pretty intense yoga that really pushes your body’s limits. I was not only sweating, but struggling to do some of the moves included in the DVD.

The day after yoga, I was once again sore all over my entire body. However, I did realize that yoga is a great thing to do and highly recommend not skipping this DVD if you do the program. I have a feeling I will get better at it as I do the DVD more and more.

Soreness the day after: 8/10

Day 5: Legs & Back

I was a little worried about the legs and back DVD, mostly because my body was sore from doing yoga the day before. Luckily, this DVD was not too bad. It involves a lot of lunges and squats but it actually made my legs feel better after I finished. A lot of the exercises can be done with body weight only, while a few require dumbbells or bands.

Soreness the day after: 5/10

Day 6: Kempo

This DVD was the only one that I had no idea what to expect going into it. I knew kempo was some sort of kicking or karate but had no idea what it involved. As it turns out, it’s a bunch of different kicks, blocks. and punches. More or less, it is a great cardio workout. I was sweating buckets from this workout as well, even though I didn’t feel like I was working that hard. Some of the moves are actually fun, which takes your mind off the fact that you are exercising.

What I did not expect was my calves being dead the next morning…

Soreness the day after: 8/10

Day 7: Stretch/Rest

Finally…a day to rest and let my body rebuild itself. The program gives you the option of taking the whole day off or doing the Stretch X DVD. I chose to do the DVD since I figured it would help me loosen up and relax a little bit. It’s still a 50 minute workout but all it focuses on is stretching. I felt pretty good after doing it and am pretty sure I’ll be ready to roll for tomorrow’s chest and back workout.

Soreness the day after: 0/10

Looking Ahead

Over the next two weeks, I will continue the exact same schedule above. Once those two weeks are complete, I will have a recovery week which consists of yoga, cardio, and stretching. After the recovery week is over I will be done with Phase 1 of the P90X program. From there, I will have 2 more phases to complete before I am done with the whole thing.

I’m feeling really good so far. Besides kicking my own ass, I am also eating as healthy as I ever have. I already feel leaner and stronger which is always a good thing after one week of something. In the upcoming weeks, I will do another recap and will post my photos after I am done with Phase 1.

Update: I managed to finish Phase 1, which you can read about here.

39 thoughts on “P90X: Week 1 Recap

  1. Steve

    Wow, what a great breakdown of the P90X system. I have a friend at work who has been going through this, and I’ve really seen the difference. I am just getting back into working out, running my first 5K ever on June 6, 2009, but I am going to want to do P90X at some point in the next year.

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  3. Weight Bench

    P90X is one of the best fitness programs out there right now. It is a great way to get in shape and lose that excess fat. I am currently doing the program and then I will focus on some heavy weight training to really build muscle mass.

  4. Shaye

    Nice post! Seems like you are pretty serious about getting ripped! Keep it up! For anyone who is interested in learning more about P90X I found this website called and it is pretty informative. Good luck to everyone who is using P90X!

  5. Alan

    So i am sitting here on my fat butt with my laptop on my lap and the tv in front of me with the p90x infomercial that i have seen a thousand times i decided to see if i could find anything negative about this program and i have yet to be successful. This p90x sounds like it really works and i think i might just do it. Thanks for the info.

  6. DJ

    I really enjoyed the breakdown. I’ve just completed the 3rd day and I am really sore from the plyo-workout. My butt, quads and hams are still screaming….

    My only problem now is the nutrition portion. I have to force myself to eat all this food!!!

  7. Tony B.

    I agree with you, it is a great workout! I just started this week and after day one, my arms were sore but nothing I haven’t felt before. After Plyometrics, it was pretty difficult to get up the next morning. My legs were incredibly sore, it was hard for me to walk without a limp for the day. I’m excited to see my results.

  8. Ed

    Today is my official last day of week 1. Tough week but great rewards. Dropped 9.4 lbs. I feel great and ready to hit week 2.

  9. Jimmy

    p90x is the ultimate full body workout. I love how it takes you through each phase. Its so simple to use and I can already feel the results after just 1 week. You need to follow the diet as much as you can in order to see the results!

  10. Pete

    Thank you so much! I was worried about going forward with the exercises since I was crying out for mercy after day one. Seems I’ll wait a couple more hours before I go 😉 Very insightful, detailed and informative.
    I wish you the best of luck in your efforts!

  11. Joey

    Great work … I just finished i’m on week 1, just finished Arms and shoulders about 20 mins ago (disc 3). Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming.

    I’ll be checking them out for sure.

  12. Jason

    I like the sore meter also, very clever. i also agre pylometrics has to leave you the most sore when i first did it my legs hurt for 2 days after

  13. Caleb "Muscles" Anthony

    It’s easy to see why this works so well, each session is so different from the last, you’re body wouldn’t be able to adapt any time quick. Good to see a lot of core strength exercises in there too. Like the sore meter!

  14. Anas

    Just finished chest and back….. Omg I seriously can’t move… Lool I’ll be honest I didn’t do ab ripper x and barely finished half of the work out. I’m kinda over weight .. Just hope by the end of the first week I can finish the whole work out

  15. Exercises For Legs

    I am also curious about that program as my friend is going to try it. I’m doing extra research on it as well. Thanks for making a detailed plan in there. For those who wants to focus on their legs, you may visit our site as well.

  16. Scott

    I just finished my first week of P90X as well, and I must say I could have just copied and pasted this summary of your workout week into my own. I’m glad to have come across this post, confirms that I am doing it right! Best of luck on your journey through the program! -s


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